The Top 12 Fireproof Places to Hide Money


    If you intend to store cash in your house, you should look for a fireproof location to keep it. Since cash is made out of paper, it is the first thing that will burn in case of a house fire. To ensure that you are prepared for emergencies like this, here are the top 12 fireproof places to hide money:


    Best Fireproof Places to Hide Money


    Below are the top 12 fireproof places to hide money and other valuables:


    1) Use Fire-Resistant Safes

    man putting object in safe

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    Fire-resistant safes are one of the best fireproof places to safely store your money. Due to their coded system, these safes offer exceptional security measures in addition to safeguarding your money from flames. If someone breaks into your home, they won't be able to figure out the safe's code. If you want to be completely protected, make sure to choose a large safe that would be difficult for would-be thieves to carry from the house.


    2) Use Fireproof Bags

    Travah fireproof bag

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    Fireproof safes offer superior security, but they tend to draw attention. If you want to use something that you can conceal and tuck away so that no one finds your hidden stash, they are not the best option. This is why fireproof bags are excellent. 

    Fireproof bags operate in a manner that is similar to that of fireproof safes, but they are smaller and more concealable. In addition to holding cash, these bags can also be used to store jewelry, critical papers, etc. If the unthinkable occurs, you can relax knowing that your money is safe.


    3) Hide Cash in Wood-Burning Stoves

    fire burning in fireplace

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    Typically, wood-burning stoves are only used for a few months out of the year. When not in use, the stove makes a perfect fireproof spot for keeping cash hidden. If you put a box in the opening of the stove and close the door, you can rest assured that your money will be safe.


    4) Place Emergency Cash in a Toilet Tank

    hiding object in toilet tank

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    If you've ever seen pictures of a burned-out house, you may have noticed that the toilet was still intact. This happens because toilets are composed of ceramic or porcelain. Because of how heat resistant this material is, any money you keep within the tank will last. 

    Before placing your paper bills or emergency cash in the tank, make sure to seal it in a Ziploc bag or any other watertight container.


    5) Bury the Cash in Your Backyard

    grassy green lawn in backyard

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    If you want to keep your money safe from fire, the best place to do it is to store it away from your house. That is why your backyard makes a great hiding spot. Even if nothing in your house survives the fire, your secret stash surely will. 

    Before you bury your money in your yard, be sure to first place it in a Ziploc bag and then place the bag inside a container with a tight-fitting lid.


    6) Keep It in the Freezer

    empty freezer

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    Freezers are great fire-resistant locations for storing cash. Since most fires start in the kitchen, make sure to avoid using your kitchen freezer. Although freezers are not great secret hiding places, they will definitely protect your valuables in the event of a fire.


    7) Store Cash in Your Car

    back of car trunk
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    Compared to your home, your car has a lesser chance of catching fire. If you are concerned about having your car broken into or stolen, this might not be a suitable alternative. However, if your car is normally outside and secure, it's a great fireproof alternative.


    8) Keep It on You

    man putting money in pocket on shirt

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    Having your money on you during a house fire is the only way it will be safe. However, this tactic is useless if you need to safeguard a big sum of money.


    9) Hide Cash in a Fireplace

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    Since the fireplace is often enclosed by metal or concrete, it is comparatively fireproof. To hide money and other valuables from plain sight, make sure to mount it in the fireplace and firmly secure it in place.


    10) Place It in a Fish Tank

    big fish tank

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    This is another great fireproof alternative to store cash. To hide cash in a fish tank, seal it in a Ziploc bag and place the bag in an opaque container. Next, place the container behind a rock at the bottom of your fish tank. Since the money will be submerged in water, consider using double bags to keep moisture out.


    11) Hide Cash in the Garage

    garage with things hanging on walls

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    Given that it is isolated from the rest of your home, the garage is a reasonably secure location to store your money. If your home catches fire, the garage will burn down last. In the meantime, you can retrieve your money to stop it from catching on fire.


    12) Store Cash in Fireproof Medicine Cabinets or Filing Cabinets

    medicine cabinet in bathroom

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    Another great area to safely conceal cash is a fireproof filing cabinet or medicine cabinet. To ensure security, pick a lockable cabinet that complements the style of your room.


    Top 5 Places to Never Stash Money


    When looking for places to store your money that are fireproof, stay away from these areas:


    1) Cereal Boxes

    honey nut cheerios cereal box

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    Even though a cereal box is an excellent place to conceal cash, because it is made of paper, it won't survive in a fire. As a result, you should refrain from using them along with any other paper products that come to mind.


    2) Stair Treads

    staircase in house

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    Hiding cash within the stair treads is a growing trend. Although this is a fantastic idea, stairs are constructed of wood and will burn quickly in a house fire. Therefore, be cautious to avoid using this option.


    3) Cat Litter

    cat litterr

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    Cat litter, especially biodegradable litter, is made from highly combustible raw materials including wood chips, paper, and other items. Therefore, the majority of companies suggest that you keep the litter out of the heat in an area that is chilly, dry, and well-ventilated. To keep your money safe at home, avoid hiding it in a cat litter box.


    4) Under Your Mattress or Inside Your Pillow

    made bed in bedroom

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    This is yet another popular and excellent hiding spot, however, it is not fireproof. Pillows and mattresses are built of materials that cannot survive fires. They will instantly burst into flames in the event of a housefire. So avoid hiding money and any other valuables there.


    5) Electronic Devices

    living room with flat screen tv on wall

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    Even though hiding your money inside your television will keep burglars at bay, it is not the safest spot to do so if you're looking for places that are fireproof. Electronics commonly catch fire due to faulty electrical outlets or obsolete sockets. Therefore, make sure not to conceal any money within.


    5) Other Places to Avoid

    piggy bank with money around it

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    • Under the ceiling
    • Inside stuffed animals
    • Bookshelves
    • Picture Frames
    • Dresser drawers
    • Wall outlets
    • Curtain pockets
    • Inside wall clocks
    • Within clothing or shoes
    • Inside a tennis ball
    • Inside a toy box




    There you have it - the top 12 fireproof places to hide cash. To shop for fireproof bags that are guaranteed to keep your cash safe in the event of a house fire, check out Travah.