The Top 12 Fireproof Places to Hide Money


    If you intend to store cash in your house, you should look for a fireproof location to keep it. Since cash is made out of paper, it is the first thing that will burn in case of a house fire. To ensure that you are prepared for emergency situations like this, here are the top 12 fireproof places to hide money.


    best fireproof places to hide money


    Best Fireproof Places to Hide Money


    Here are the top 12 fireproof places to hide money and other valuables:


    1) Use Fire-Resistant Safes

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    Fire resistant safes are one of the best fireproof places to safely store your money. Due to their coded system, these safes offer exceptional security measures in addition to safeguarding your money from flames. If someone breaks into your home, they won't be able to figure out the safe's code. If you want to be completely protected, make sure to opt for a large safe that would be challenging for would-be thieves to carry from your house.


    2) Use Fireproof Bags

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    Fireproof safes provide great security but can attract attention. If you want to hide your stash discreetly, they're not the best choice. That's where fireproof bags come in handy. They work like fireproof safes, but they are smaller and easier to hide. They're great for storing cash, jewelry, important documents, and more. In the event that the unthinkable occurs, you can relax knowing that everything is safe.


    3) Hide Cash in Wood-Burning Stoves

    fire burning in fireplace

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    Typically, wood-burning stoves are only used for a few months out of the year. When not in use, the stove makes a perfect fireproof spot for keeping cash hidden. If you put a box in the opening of the stove and close the door, you can rest assured that your money will be safe.


    4) Place Emergency Cash in a Toilet Tank

    hiding object in toilet tank

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    If you've seen pictures after a house fire, you might have noticed that the toilet was still intact. This happens because toilets are composed of ceramic or porcelain. Because of how heat resistant this material is, any money you keep within the tank will last. Before placing your paper bills or emergency cash in the tank, make sure to seal it in a ziplock bag or any other watertight container.


    5) Bury the Cash in Your Backyard

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    If you want to keep your money safe from fire, the best place is away from your house. That's why your backyard is a great hiding spot. Even if everything in your house is destroyed by fire, your secret stash will stay safe. Before burying your money in your yard, put it in a ziplock bag and then place the bag inside a container with a tight-fitting lid.


    6) Keep It in the Freezer

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    Freezers are safe spots for keeping cash since they're resistant to fire. Since many fires start in the kitchen, it's best not to use your kitchen freezer. While freezers may not be the best secret hiding places, they will definitely keep your valuables safe if there's a fire.


    7) Store Cash in Your Car

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    Compared to your home, your car is less likely to catch fire. If you're worried about break-ins or theft and live in a high-crime area, this might not be the best option. But if your car is usually parked outside in a safe neighborhood, it's a great fireproof choice.


    8) Keep It on You

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    Keeping your money with you during a house fire is the only surefire way to keep it 100% safe. However, this strategy won't work if you need to hide a large sum of money.


    9) Hide Cash in a Fireplace

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    Since the fireplace is usually enclosed by metal or concrete, it's relatively fireproof. To hide money and other valuables from plain sight, make sure to place them inside the fireplace and securely fasten them in place. Also, make sure not to use it while your money is in there.


    10) Place It in a Fish Tank

    big fish tank

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    This is another great fireproof area to store cash. To hide cash in a fish tank, seal it in a Ziploc bag and put the bag in an opaque container. Then, tuck the container behind a rock at the bottom of your fish tank. Since the money will be underwater, think about using double bags to keep moisture out.


    11) Hide Cash in the Garage

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    Since it's separate from the rest of your home, the garage is a fairly safe place to store your money. If your home catches fire, the garage will burn down last. In the meantime, you can grab your money to prevent it from catching fire.


    12) Store Cash in Fireproof Medicine Cabinets or Filing Cabinets

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    Another great area to safely conceal your cash is a fireproof filing cabinet or medicine cabinet. To make sure it's secure, choose a cabinet that locks and matches the style of your room.


    Places to Avoid Hiding Money


    When searching for fireproof places to store your money, make sure to avoid these areas:


    1) Cereal Boxes

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    While a cereal box might seem like a good spot to hide cash, it's made of paper and won't survive a fire. So, avoid using it, along with any other paper products, to stash your money.


    2) Stair Treads

    staircase in house

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    Hiding cash within the stair treads is a growing trend. However, since stairs are made of wood and burn quickly in a house fire, it's not a safe idea.


    3) Cat Litter

    cat litterr

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    Cat litter, especially biodegradable types, is made from materials like wood chips and paper that can easily catch fire. That's why most companies advise keeping it in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area, away from heat. If you were considering hiding your money here, think again!


    4) Under Your Mattress or Inside Your Pillow

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    This is yet another popular and excellent hiding spot, but it's not fireproof. Pillows and mattresses are made of materials that cannot survive fires. They will instantly burst into flames in the event of a housefire.


    5) Electronic Devices

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    While it might seem like hiding your money inside your television would keep burglars away, it's not the safest spot if you want somewhere fireproof. Electronics often catch fire because of faulty electrical outlets or old sockets.


    5) Other Places to Avoid

    piggy bank with money around it

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    • Under the ceiling
    • Inside stuffed animals
    • Bookshelves
    • Picture Frames
    • Dresser drawers
    • Wall outlets
    • Curtain pockets
    • Inside wall clocks
    • Within clothing or shoes
    • Inside a tennis ball
    • Inside a toy box


    FAQ Section


    Can I hide cash in a regular safe, or does it have to be fireproof?

    While a regular safe can offer some level of protection, it's best to invest in a fireproof safe specifically designed to withstand high temperatures to ensure full-proof fire protection.


    Can I hide important documents along with my cash in fireproof hiding spots?

    Yes, fireproof hiding spots are suitable for storing important documents along with cash. Just make sure to use protective covers or bags to prevent water damage or other forms of deterioration.


    Are there any additional security measures I should consider when hiding cash at home?

    In addition to fireproof hiding spots, consider diversifying your hiding spots and using security systems such as alarms or surveillance cameras to further protect your valuables.




    There you have it - the top 12 fireproof places to hide cash. And for added protection, consider Travah fireproof bags - your reliable solution for keeping valuables safe from fire damage. Get yours today and protect what matters most.