Anti-Lock Theft System: 8 Best Anti-Theft Systems for Your Car

    Pop culture makes it seem so easy to steal an automobile. There are a plethora of web instructions on how to open a locked car door and how to hot wire a car. All of this makes you worry that your car might be stolen if this information reaches the wrong person.

    Everyone knows that cars are expensive, and only some insurance policies cover stolen vehicles. Having an anti-theft system installed is the greatest approach to stop worrying about your car's security. We've compiled a list of the top anti-theft systems for your automobile so you don't have to.


    Best Anti-Theft Car Systems


    1) Diversion Safe

     Travah water bottle Diversion safe

    Credit: Travah


    This ingenious product that doubles as a conventional bottle and a diversion safe is available at an affordable price, making it a wonderful buy for car owners. If a burglar looks into your car window to see if there's anything he can steal, all he'll find is an ordinary bottle, and he'll quickly move on to the next vehicle. This portable safe, which is made of high-quality stainless steel and is guaranteed to last, will quickly become your best anti-theft buy.

    Diversion safes are excellent products for deceiving criminals and blending in with the surroundings. Place it in your cup holder or in your backseat and it will easily be mistaken for a regular bottle. 


    2) Anti Lock Theft System

     A person making sure that their car is alarmed before they leave it

    Credit: PressBox


    The purpose of an anti-theft system, sometimes known as a car alarm, is to keep your automobile from being robbed. It achieves this by prohibiting the car from starting or detecting a malfunction when it suspects it has been tampered with like using the wrong key and trying to disable the door lock. An anti-theft system car is controlled by sensors installed in and around it. An impact or motion within the vehicle triggers the sensors. As a result, the anti-theft light and alarm system are activated and the owner or individuals are notified by the loud alarming sound making it a great anti-theft deterrent.

    A change in the vehicle's position can also activate the tilt sensor, which then activates the car's anti-theft system. Many automobiles currently come with factory-installed alarms, but if yours does not, it is a smart idea to add one.


    How To Disable Anti-Theft System?


    This system works flawlessly most of the time and only activates when you need it, but it can also activate when you don't, requiring you to disengage the anti-theft system. You can turn off the alarm by pressing the alarm button on your key fob or checking your door lock cylinder for any damage. Remember that this keyless entry system can be hacked, so having additional anti-theft systems can be quite beneficial.


    3) Steering Wheel Lock


    A black and yellow steering wheel lock

    Credit: Getty Images/ Pastie


    Millions of cars are reported missing every day all across the world, so you'll need a high-quality solution to keep yours safe. Thieves are quick, but it doesn't matter how quick they are since this wheel lock will stop them.

    It's simple to set up and takes up minimal room, making it suitable for small cars. It may be extremely difficult to remove it without the right key. To break it, you'd need a powerful saw and a lot of time which most thieves do not have. Besides, most car thieves will be put off from attempting to steal your car if they notice a clamp on the steering wheel.


    4) Wheel Lock or Tyre Lock

     A wheel lock on a white car

    Credit: iStock


    You've probably seen cops put these on illegally parked cars, but they can also be used to prevent car theft. A wheel lock is a great way to prevent carjacking. Use it if you intend to park your car for an extended amount of time. Using a wheel lock every time you stop to fill up your fuel tank or drive to Starbucks to pick up a coffee is simply not feasible. Remember to keep your doors secured because this will not prevent someone from breaking in and stealing your possessions.


    5) Kill Switch

     A kill switch on a table to be installed in a car

    Credit: iStock


    This device can be tough to set up at times, but it is extremely useful. It works by interrupting the power flow to the car's spark plug or other vital systems. This means that starting the car without flipping the switch is impossible.

    This product will infuriate any prospective carjacker to the point of quitting. The kill switch has the advantage of allowing you to place several switches and define a sequence in which they must be activated. Any possible carjacking would be virtually impossible since identifying all of the switches and understanding how to operate them would take a long time.


    6) Baby Monitor

     A baby monitor strapped to the headrest of a chair

    Credit: TinyTraveler


    Would-be burglars don't want to be captured on tape breaking into your automobile, thus video cameras are effective preventative measures. Sadly, cameras can be costly, and they may not be able to provide you with a firsthand account of what's going on. Baby monitors are ideal for this because they're generally inexpensive, can transmit images to your devices, and can be powered by an independent battery rather than your vehicle's battery.


    7) Electronic Immobilizer

     An electronic immobilizer getting installed

    Credit: Go Mechanic


    These function in the same way as a kill switch. It's also a standard feature in many contemporary vehicles. It prevents the automobile from starting if the car key or key fob does not send a radio transmission.

    The criminal will be unable to start the car and steal it without the correct key. Unless, of course, they figure out a means to get around this system, which is quite unlikely.


    8) Electronic Tracking System

     A person looking on his mobile phone at his tracking system

    Credit: Focus2Move


    Most security measures only prevent drive-away theft, but savvy auto thieves utilize a variety of methods to steal vehicles, including towing them. Regular monitoring of your vehicle with GPS is a great way to know that your car is safe at all times. Law enforcement can trace the geolocation from your GPS, allowing them to track your vehicle and potentially gain useful information to aid in the pursuit of the criminals. Even if the burglar hides your automobile in a remote location, a GPS tracking device can help you locate it.


    The Advantages of Having an Anti-theft System in Your Automobile


    Here are some of the advantages of having an anti-theft device in your car.


    1) Deter Theft


    Thieves are deterred from attempting to steal your vehicle by anti-theft measures. For instance, suppose robbers have the choice of robbing two vehicles, one with an anti-theft mode and the other without. Which do you think the criminals will target?


    2) Stopping Theft


    Anti-theft systems provide the critical time window needed to prevent theft. For instance, if the robbers are oblivious of the car's security system and attempt a break-in, the alarm goes off, causing the burglars to flee. The security staff or other individuals in the vicinity of the car are warned, increasing the odds that the criminals may abort their plot and call off the robbery. They can also be caught red-handed. 


    3) Minimizing Inconvenience


    When an automobile is stolen, going to the police station to file a report and arranging with the insurance company might be inconvenient. Why not install an anti-theft device if there's a good chance it can prevent all of this? Anti-theft systems can help you prevent unpleasant situations like this.




    An anti-theft device is vital to protect your vehicle in the event of theft. The gadgets mentioned above are all very handy and serve diverse purposes. They will ensure that a robber attempting to obtain access from any location of the car will be caught.