Safes That You Need To Have at Home


    Having safe storage at home is always a good idea. Not only does this offer theft protection but you can also protect valuable items from curious kids. If you have money or other valuables at home and are going on vacation, having a trusted home safe will make you feel safer knowing that your belongings are protected.


    What To Look For in a Safe for Your Home


    1) Size

     different types of home safes

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    Before deciding on a safe size, consider what you'll be storing in it. A tiny safe can suffice if you only need to store documents, cash, or small objects. However, if you need to store something larger, be sure you know the internal dimensions of the safe before you buy it. To protect items from the weather, many safes feature a considerably smaller inside chamber, thus appearances can be deceiving.


    2) Lock Type

     different types of locks

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    A safe can be locked and unlocked in a variety of ways, and which one you choose depends on your personal preferences and how quickly you may need access to your valuables. 


    Here are some locks to think about:

    • Traditional Lock(Key Lock): This safe has a classic lock that opens with a typical key.
    • Biometric Locks: This sort of safe uses your fingerprint to open it.
    • Combination Lock: This sort of safe uses a number combination to open it like a locker. A digital or electronic keypad or touchpad can be used to enter the numbers on this sort of lock.
    • Dual Lock: With this safe, you'll be able to unlock it using two different techniques. To open, for example, you might require both a regular key and a combination.


    Types of Safe Locks


    Fire Protection/Water Protection

     safe that went through fire contents inside

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    To keep your most valuable possessions safe, you'll want to locate a safe that includes more than simply a lock. There are safes designed to resist the heat and flames in the event of a fire. Your safe should have both fire and water protection. It should be water-resistant.


    Portable Options

    portable safe with keypad lock

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    Having a portable safe that is easy to transport could be a key factor. If you're storing a gun, for example, you'll need a gun safe that can be kept out of reach of children. It will be more convenient to bring the safe with your critical documentation with you when you escape in the event of a natural disaster.


    Best Home Safes


    1)TRAVAH Diversion Safe

     Travah Diversion safe waterbottle

    This diversion safe is ideal if you want to hide small valuables like tiny jewelry, credit/debit cards, cash, and other items from plain sight. This versatile bottle functions as a bottle with a bottom that unscrews to reveal your hidden store of goodies. It has a compact and seamless design and it won't stick out like a sore thumb when kept in the kitchen and other areas of the house. The finest feature of this bottle is that you can take it with you wherever you go so that your valuables are safe at all times.




    The SentrySafe SFW123GDC is a tough-as-nails security safe with a heavy-duty design. It can withstand up to an hour in a blazing hot fire (up to 1700°F), survive falls of up to 15 feet, and withstand water up to a foot deep.

    It comes with a backup key that may be used to manually access the waterproof safe. It's also available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0.82 to 2.05 cubic feet.

    It also has outstanding hardware. Four live-locking bolts, a pry-resistant hinge bar, a locking drawer, and even an inside light are all included in this fire safe. And because it's all constructed of steel, there aren't any mounting alternatives for this safe.


    3)Biometric Safe by Viking Security

     Biometric Safe by Viking Security

    The Viking Security Biometric Safe keeps the money, jewelry, and other small items safe. The safe uses your unique fingerprint to unlock the door, in addition to a 20-millimeter deadbolt locking system with two pry-resistant steel locking bars. To provide others access to the safe, program up to 32 fingerprints or use the backup PIN code.

    The dimensions of this compact safe are 10 inches x 14 inches by 10 inches. It contains an adjustable shelf on the inside, as well as an interior, LED light, and carpet to protect the contents from scratches and other damage. When users neglect to lock the door, a warning beep sounds. However, keep in mind that this safe isn't fire or waterproof.


    4)Flat Electronic Wall Safes by Paragon Lock and Safe

     Flat Electronic Wall Safes by Paragon Lock and Safe

    Because it's tough to break into, a good home safe keeps valuables safe. A great home safe keeps things safe since it's not just difficult to open, but also difficult to find in the first place. The Paragon Lock and Safe Flat Electronic Wall Safe may be placed in your house or office with a little effort (or the help of a handyman), and once installed, it will be practically flat with the wall.

    It can be hidden behind a framed piece of art, a mirror, a sign, or just about anything else to evade notice by anyone with bad intentions. Because it can't be moved away unless the burglar has the time and skills to cut a big portion of the wall away, the device provides more protection than most compact safes once found. There is enough room to hide birth certificates, family heirlooms, important documents, and other valuables.


    5)Gun Safe by Barska Mini

     Gun Safe by Barska Mini

    If you own a gun, secure storage should be a top responsibility. Because of its biometric lock, silent mode, robust steel structure, and Department of Justice-approved design, we chose the Barska Mini as our top pick. It can readily accommodate handguns. Around 30 people can enter their fingerprints so you can have master and guest codes. This safe is ideal for storing firearms and protecting them against curious children.


    6)Verifi Smart Safe

     Verifi Smart Safe

    Because home security is an investment, it's occasionally worth spending a little more money to protect your belongings.

    The Verifi Smart Safe is pricey, but it has some impressive credentials. It has FBI-certified biometric scanners with tamper alerts and an auto-lock feature.

    The Verifi Smart Safe S5000 series will meet your needs if you're seeking a safe for your house and value technology. Whether you're keeping a firearm, a family relic, or jewels, this safe will keep them safe, thanks to a superior fingerprint lock that outperforms the competition. Other smart features, such as an adjustable LED light and access and event logs make this one of our top picks.


    7)Stalwart Digital Safe

     Stalwart Digital Safe


    It offers security features such as an automatic lock after three wrong keypad entries, and the LED keypad adds an extra degree of security. You may also create customized codes for your visitors so you can have multiple users. There is also an override key.


    8)Steelwater Fireproof Safe for Guns

     Steelwater Fireproof Safe for Guns


    A safe must be able to protect its contents from severe heat for at least a half-hour in order to be termed fire-resistant. Steelwater Gun Safes' 2-Hour Fireproof Safe outperforms that by four times, providing incredible fire resistance.

    If you're not going to use the anchor hole on the bottom to bolt the safe down, make sure to plug it with fire-resistant caulking. Inside, you'll find an adjustable and detachable shelf as well as a slide-out top drawer to help you organize your valuables.

    If you're keeping a firearm, the safe requires coordinated use of the combination lock and a key to open, so it's not the best choice for quick access, but the locking system adds even more security against theft. However, because the combination is pre-set and cannot be changed, be cautious about who you share it with.


    9)Fireproof Safe by Honeywell

     Fireproof Safe by Honeywell

    When it comes to warranties, Honeywell Safes is one of the best home safes available. With the purchase of this safe, you'll get a 7-year limited warranty as well as a lifetime after-fire replacement warranty, which is rather excellent. We also appreciate the option of using a combination lock or a keypad entry pad. The safe is also fire and water-resistant.

    When it comes to securing your things from thieves, fires, and floods, the Honeywell Fireproof Safe means business. This Honeywell 2111 model has a 1-hour fire rating of up to 1700°F, ensuring your safety even in the event of an emergency. The water-resistant door will keep moisture out as well, making this model excellent for anyone seeking a safe that offers solid all-around security.


    10)2087F First Alert

     2087F First Alert

    Do you want a safe that will last until the end of time? Then this is your best option for a home safe. It's merely 0.94 cubic feet, but it's fire-resistant and waterproof. Even if your safe is swamped, it will keep your documents, gadgets, and other valuables dry, and it's intended to float, making it easier to find if your home is flooded. It has a standard combination lock, but it also has keys that can be used to open the safe if you forget the combination. Obviously, the best way to keep your belongings safe from a fire is to avoid one altogether. This is, believe it or not, the most underappreciated fire hazard in the home.


    11)Digital Security Safe by Tigerking

     Digital Security Safe by Tigerking

    You might not have much luck if you're seeking a home safe with a little flair. Even the most expensive home safes on the market are bland and practical.

    When it comes to security, appearances aren't everything. That is something we are aware of. Even yet, if you're going to keep anything in your house, you want it to appear at least half-decent. After all, who wants a gun-metal-gray steel box in the corner of their living room?

    The outside body of the Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ Fashion Safe is made of a thick steel plate. The door features four 1-inch live-locking bolts and is 2.8 inches thick.

    The safe appears to be well-made and durable. According to the manufacturer, hi-tech welding is used in the safe's construction. This Tigerking safe has pre-drilled holes for wall mounting, making it more difficult to steal.


    12)Home Safe by AdirOffice

    Home Safe by AdirOffice

    AdirOffice offers three different security-safe solutions, each of which differs in size and color. It has ample room to hold your jewels, paperwork, and cash. It works with a simple number lock mechanism. It also comes with two emergency keys, making it easy to unlock the safe if you forget your PIN.

    The built-in digital screen is what sets this safe apart from the competition. There are three separate signals on this display that indicate whether the safe is locked, unlocked, or has a low battery. If we leave the safe unlocked, it will sound like a warning alarm, which is a nice feature to have to safeguard our safety.

    Furthermore, the carpeted floor protects your jewels and other valuables from scratches and damage. It's a high-quality safe that falls within our budget. Despite the praise for the electronic lock, it still includes two live door bolts, pry-resistant concealed hinges, and a pry-resistant steel door.


    13)Two-Shelf HomCom Home Security Safe

      Two-Shelf HomCom Home Security Safe


    This HomCom safe is digitally controlled, allowing you to personalize your PIN and easily access your possessions. It comes with two adjustable shelves that make it easy to organize your belongings. When it comes to construction, it's made of 17-inch thick solid steel for long-lasting durability.

    This small machine is simple to install and appears to be appropriate for usage in the workplace or at home. It has a configurable digital locking interface that makes opening the safe simple.

    Another useful feature of this safe is the PIN acceptance light. The light has a red and green pattern that lets us determine whether or not the code is accepted. It's an excellent solution for storing crucial documents, money, and other devices in your home.


    What Is the Best Safe Size for Me?

    What you plan to lock up determines the optimal size for a home safe. However, the most typical size is between 1.2 and 1.3 cubic feet. This allows for a stack of full-size 8.5 x 11-inch paper papers as well as smaller items such as jewelry to be stored. A smaller safe isn't always preferable because it's lighter and easier to carry around, but a large one is more difficult to conceal.


    What Is the Best Location for My Home Safe?

    If the primary objective is to safeguard goods against burglary, they should be placed in a hidden area. Burglars frequently start their search in the master bedroom, so this is a smart spot to stay away from. Basements are fantastic places to go if you're worried about fire, but they're not the best if you're worried about water.


    In My Keypad Safe, What Kind of Batteries Should I Use?

    It is recommended that you use high-quality batteries from a reputable manufacturer. They should be thrown away and have an expiration date of 8–10 years from the current year. The longevity of rechargeable and generic batteries is frequently inferior.



    When you lose important documents or other belongings, you must devote a significant amount of time and effort to replacing them. Why not take preventative measures by investing a little time in locating a good safe to keep your jewels, cash, USB drives, and other valuables safe?

    It also gives you peace of mind because you won't have to worry about theft, damage, or loss. Furthermore, the advantages of having a safe clearly exceed the time-consuming process of replacing it. As a result, you should carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision. Now that we've reached the end of our guide, we hope it's been helpful in locating a safe that meets your requirements.