Do Security Cameras Prevent Crime? | The Complete Guide to Security Cameras


    When it comes to living in an area where burglary is a common occurrence, crime prevention is everybody's business. With the highly equipped robbers out there, having a secure front door or high walls doesn't cut it; you need more. You need home security cameras in case the thief does get onto your property. A security camera system will help you to identify the thief and also ensure that your home is safe while you're away. Read more to find out if surveillance cameras are an effective way to deter crime or not.


    Do Security Cameras Prevent Crime?


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    Burglaries have been demonstrated to be prevented by security cameras. Even if thieves do get in to steal your belongings, their faces will be captured on camera, making it easy to identify them afterward. They are more inclined to target properties with no apparent CCTVs because of this risk.

    The sheer existence of exterior CCTV cameras has shown to be a strong deterrent to would-be burglars, which is why some homes have false security cameras.

    However, we don't recommend relying only on fake security cameras to protect your property. A fake security camera may work against beginner burglars, but it will not work against more experienced criminals. Investing in a working video surveillance system is still a good idea. In the event of a break-in, you'll be able to identify the perpetrator this way.


    Do Security Cameras Deter Crime/Reduce Crime?


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    Security cameras have an impact on crime rates because they prevent robbers. CCTVs resulted in a significant drop in crime rates, according to a study based on 40 years of evaluation research. When compared to control regions, crime was reduced by 13% in areas with security cameras.

    The survey also discovered that security cameras have the greatest impact on reducing crime in car parks, with residential areas coming in second.

    These numbers demonstrate that video surveillance systems are worthwhile investments, whether they are installed in a residential or commercial setting. Furthermore, CCTVs benefit not only property owners, but also contribute to the safety of entire neighborhoods, giving inhabitants peace of mind.


    Is the Money Spent on Camera Security Worth It? Should I Purchase Security Cameras?

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    When it comes to installing a home surveillance system with security cameras, you may have discovered that the options are numerous. With so many options, a home camera surveillance system can be expensive, especially when installed.

    Although the high expenses of a video surveillance system are difficult to estimate, the investment is worthwhile if you want to ensure the safety of your home, your belongings, and your family.


    When seeking to explain this expense, consider the following:

    • How much would it cost to replace items stolen if there was a break-in?
    • How much would it cost to clean up the messes that a robbery would cause?
    • Medical expenses if you or anybody else is injured during the break-in


    When you include in the psychological pain that you and your family may experience as a result of a robbery that you cannot afford, the cost of a home security video monitoring system becomes justifiable.


    Is It Necessary to Hide Your Camera Systems?


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    When you think about security cameras, you might imagine cameras hidden behind trees, under rocks, or otherwise out of sight. However, several studies have shown that burglars are less likely to choose homes with security cameras to ransack, therefore having hidden cameras defeats the objective. Security cameras installed in places that can easily be seen can actively prevent crime rather than passively recording it.


    How Can Security Cameras Be Made More Effective?


    Burglars have a tendency to target specific places. If you're going to install security cameras, make sure they cover all of your home's primary entrance points. Front and back doors, garage doors, and windows, especially on the first level or basement, are examples. The more cameras you have installed around your property, the more likely you are to reduce crime.

    When used in conjunction with other crime-prevention techniques, security cameras become even more successful. These are some of them:


    Motion-Activated Lights


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    Outdoor lighting systems, particularly motion-activated lights, can shine a spotlight on criminals, exposing them to a larger extent. The Ring Spotlight camera is a great example of a spotlight camera with video surveillance technology that may provide visual alerts from cameras. As a result, security lights are shown to dissuade potential burglars.


    Security Alarm System


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    Alarms and voices are installed in the majority of security cameras. When a burglary is attempted, for example, Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro uses a sort of AI called Smart Sentry, which turns on LED lights and plays a tune.

    As a result, in the case of possible targets, alarm systems help catch 60% of criminals.



     security camera

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    If you want to use security systems to deter burglars, you should choose outdoor cameras that can withstand the weather by evaluating the temperature range and IP rating.


    Seeing in the Dark

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    With security cameras, having decent night vision is essential. If the security cameras aren't lit, the system makes this work simple by enabling the infrared LED sensors to get a clear image at night.

     How to Make Security Cameras More Effective


    Consider Starting a Neighborhood Watch Program or Joining One That Already Exists

     warning sign about neighborhood watch program

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    A neighborhood watch program has several advantages if you live in a residential area. A group is always preferable to an individual. You can also create a community that is dedicated to protecting its inhabitants by implementing a watch program. Not to mention that it can bring you closer to your neighbors.


    When the Burglar Broke Into My House, Why Didn’t the Surveillance Camera Work?

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    To dissuade burglars, a professional security camera with the correct setup is useful. If your security cameras fail to send you real-time push notifications or capture the criminal's images/videos during a break-in, use the techniques below to resolve the problem. As a result, the effectiveness of security cameras in deterring crime can be maximized.

    • Verify that the push notification feature is turned on.
    • Verify that the motion detection recording feature on the security camera software is enabled.
    • Adjust the motion detection sensitivity of your security cameras.
    • Double-check that you've covered all of your home's key entrances.


    Once you've properly installed your security cameras, you'll be able to discourage criminal activity and unwanted attention to your home.


    Cameras for Commercial Environments

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    Commercial CCTV cameras provide a plethora of advantages. They not only deter burglaries, but they also deter vandalism and deliberate property damage, resulting in lower maintenance and repair costs.

    Outdoor security cameras also allow you to keep track of who enters and exits the property, allowing you to quickly notice any suspicious individuals and have them leave the premises if necessary. In the event of theft or other criminal conduct, you'll be able to review and identify those who entered the establishment.

    Security cameras are also beneficial in terms of insurance considerations. They may result in lower premiums and make claim processing simpler and faster for you.

    Indoor CCTV cameras are very beneficial for commercial premises. They allow you to keep track of your employees' progress and ensure that everyone is doing their job. You may also use the cameras to ensure the safety of your employees. You'll be able to observe if they're adhering to safety procedures and detect workplace dangers that could lead to mishaps.

    Finally, commercial CCTVs can assist you to maintain your company's reputation. If you run a business where a lot of people come and leave throughout the day, installing a security system where they can be seen will make them feel safer. For your part, the added security step will demonstrate to clients that your company is concerned about their safety.





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