The 8 Best Safes for Apartments


    Selecting a safe for an apartment might be challenging since they are frequently large and not designed for small places. If you're looking for the top safes for apartment living, scroll down.


    Factors to Look for When Buying an Apartment Safe


    Before we talk about the best safes for apartment dwellers, here are some factors to look for when buying an apartment safe:


    1) Size

     two different sized safes

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    If you live in an apartment, you likely are aware of how scarce storage space can be at times. Size is therefore an important factor to take into account when selecting an apartment safe. The safe needs to be small and compact to easily fit in confined spaces.


    2) Portable

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    Since most apartment dwellers are usually living on rent, it makes sense to have a safe that you can easily carry with you in the event that your lease expires. Portability is also an important factor to consider in case you need to quickly grab your safe in an emergency.


    3) Price

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    Choosing a safe for your apartment shouldn't cost you a fortune, especially if you are not storing high-value items. Therefore before you can buy a safe, you must first determine exactly what and why you need one. Keep looking; you'll find plenty of affordable options.


    The Best Safes for Apartments


    Now that you know what factors to look for when buying a safe, here are the best safes for apartment living:


    1)Travah Diversion Safe

    Travah water bottle diversion safe


    Standard safes tend to stick out like a sore thumb making it obvious that something valuable is stored inside. Therefore, using a diversion safe is the ideal way to keep your valuables concealed in plain sight while avoiding suspicion.

    The Travah diversion bottle safe has ample space to safely store valuables. It can easily fit into small places thanks to its seamless design and small size. In addition to being a diversion safe, it can also be used as a regular water bottle. Of course, nothing substantial will fit inside, but it's perfect for hiding items like jewelry, flash drives, money, credit and debit cards, keys, and more.


    2)Travah Water Resistant and Fireproof Safe

    Travah Water Resistant and Fireproof Safe


    Having a metal safe is great but if you live in an apartment, space is crucial, therefore having a convenient and portable safe that you can easily pick up and carry is ideal. This Travah document fire safe is not only wonderful for storing important documents and other valuables, but it also provides water and fire protection making it the perfect choice if you live in a natural disaster-prone area.

    The safe's long zipper and multi-layered fiberglass structure will keep your possessions secure even in extremely high temperatures. Additionally, it is a great size for storage in apartments at 15×11× 4 inches.


    3)Moroly Digital Combination Lock Safe Box

    Moroly Digital Combination Lock Safe Box


    This safe from Moroly is the perfect choice for you if you don't feel comfortable using a safe without a lock system. This safe has a computerized pin code access system and a heavy-duty double steel deadbolt locking system. It also contains an override key in case you forget your password, and it is perfect for apartments due to its external dimensions of 9.1×6.7×6.7 inches.


    4)Best Choice Products Gun Safe

    Best Choice Products Gun Safe


    If you need a small enough gun safe for your apartment but are having trouble finding one, this electronic safe from Best Choice Products is a great option. The safe can be securely fastened to the wall or the floor using the sleeve anchors. The small, streamlined form can easily fit in small spaces, like your closet. For ultimate security, you can set your passcode using the electronic digital keypad or the keys for manual locking and unlocking.


    5)Barska Mini Biometric Safe

    Barska Mini Biometric Safe


    This small home safe from Barska offers effective safety features despite its small size. A 2.5-second biometric scan of your finger acts as the key to this safe. Additionally, the safe can have multiple users programmed to open it. To keep the safe out of the reach of young children, you can also mount it somewhere high.


    6)MSAFE PSB 220 Wall Safe

    MSAFE PSB 220 Wall Safe


    For those who live in apartments, this home safe's small size, heavy-duty design, and superior manufacturing make it an excellent choice. Although the MSAFE PSB series is certified for 20 minutes of fireproof resistance, its primary purpose is to provide burglary protection. Its modern design and double-wall structure offer exceptional security. It also comes in a cream shade, which makes it ideal for blending in with the walls of your apartment.


    7)Stalwart Electronic Digital Small Safe Box

    Stalwart Electronic Digital Small Safe Box


    This compact safe from Stalwart, designed to hold small valuables, is a cost-effective choice for apartment dwellers. All the contents of the safe are secured by an electronic keypad lock that includes master and guest codes. In case you forget the code, there is also a backup key included.


    8)SentrySafe Combination Home Safe

    SentrySafe Combination Home Safe


    If you want more security than just a flat key lock type but don't want to open your safe with a biometric fingerprint or an electronic keypad, this combination dial lock from SentrySafe is a great option. This safe has some excellent security features for your possessions, such as a pry-resistant hinge bar and water and fire resistance. It is waterproof for 24 hours in up to 8 inches of water and fire resistant for up to an hour.


    5 Ways to Make Your Apartment More Secure

    While having an apartment safe will keep your valuables safe and secure, it will not prevent break-ins. To make sure that you and your apartment are protected, here are 5 safety tips that you can implement:


    1) Check Your Windows and Doors


    robber breaking into door of house

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    The majority of break-ins occur as a result of thieves discovering an open window or door. If all of yours are tightly secured, they'll probably go on and look for a simpler target. Therefore, it is imperative to have locks that truly work well.

     If your door lock seems a little flimsy, replace it with a sturdy deadbolt. Before placing locks that call for you to drill a hole, get your landlord's approval. 


    2) Install a Security System

     checking home security system on phone

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    Apartment dwellers can also install security system equipment to protect their homes. The top home security providers offer a range of apartment-friendly security systems with features like wireless connection and adhesive installation that are convenient for renters. Consider installing cameras at your front entry or backyard, window or door sensors, and motion detectors.


    3) Report Any Broken Lights

     long hallway with lights

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    Any lights that appear to be broken or burned out should be reported to the building management or your landlord. Bright or well-lit areas are safer since they make it easier for you to see where you're going and serve to deter possible thieves.


    4) Install a Peephole

     woman in pink sweatshirt looking through front door peep hole

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    Ask your landlord about installing a peephole if your front door doesn't already include one. This useful feature allows you to screen visitors without opening the door. Before making this modification, don't forget to acquire authorization from the building administration.


    5) Get Renters Insurance

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    Even with all the safety measures you may take, burglaries can still happen. So it makes sense to purchase renters insurance to protect yourself. Your renter's insurance coverage covers personal property like furniture, gadgets, clothing, valuables, and damages caused by a burglary.




    There you have it: the best safes for apartment living as well as some safety tips you can use. Our choice for the best apartment safe is the Travah Diversion safe. This safe not only conceals your possessions from prying eyes, but it also doubles as an ordinary water bottle. To shop for more safes like this, check out Travah.