The 8 Best Safes for Apartments


    Finding the perfect safe for your apartment can be quite a puzzle, especially when you're dealing with limited space. Many safes on the market are bulky and not exactly designed with smaller living spaces in mind. But don't worry, you're in the right place! In this guide, we'll delve into the top safes that are ideal for apartment living.


    Factors to Look for When Buying an Apartment Safe


    Before we talk about the best safe for apartment dwellers, here are some factors to look for when buying an apartment safe:


    1) Size

     two different sized safes

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    If you live in an apartment, you know how limited storage space can be. So, when picking an apartment safe, size really matters. You'll want a small and compact safe that fits easily in tight spots.


    2) Portable

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    Since most apartment dwellers are renters, it makes sense to have a safe that you can easily carry with you when your lease ends. Plus, it's handy for emergencies when you need to grab your safe in a hurry.


    3) Price

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    Choosing a safe for your apartment shouldn't cost you a fortune, especially if you are not storing high-value items. So, before you go shopping, figure out what you need the safe for and why. Don't worry; there are plenty of budget-friendly options out there.


    The Best Safes for Apartments


    the best safe for apartments


    Now that you know what factors to look for when buying a safe, here are the best safes for apartment living:


    1)Travah Diversion Safe


    Travah water bottle diversion safe


    Regular safes often stand out and make it clear that you're hiding something valuable. That's where diversion safes come in handy – they let you keep your valuables hidden right in plain sight without raising any suspicions.

    Take the Travah diversion bottle safe, for example. It's got enough space to stash your valuables safely. Thanks to its clever design and small size, it can fit into tight spots easily. Plus, it's not just a diversion safe; you can also use it as a regular water bottle. It might not hold a lot, but it's perfect for hiding smaller valuables like jewelry, flash drives, money, credit cards, keys, and more.


    2)Travah Water Resistant and Fireproof Safe


    Travah Water Resistant and Fireproof Safe


    Having a metal safe is nice, but when you're in an apartment, space is precious. So, having a convenient and portable safe that you can grab and carry easily is the way to go. The Travah document fire safe isn't just great for keeping your important documents and valuables safe; it also offers water and fire protection. That makes it a perfect choice if you live in an area prone to natural disasters.

    This safe comes with a long zipper and a multi-layered fiberglass structure that keeps your valuables secure, even in extremely high temperatures. Plus, it's just the right size for apartment living, measuring 15x11x4 inches.


    3)Moroly Digital Combination Lock Safe Box


    Moroly Digital Combination Lock Safe Box


    If you're not too keen on using a safe without a lock, then Moroly has just the right one for you. This safe comes with a computerized pin code access system and a heavy-duty double steel deadbolt locking system – now that's some serious security. Plus, it's got an override key backup just in case you happen to forget your password. It's also a great fit for apartments with its external dimensions measuring 9.1x6.7x6.7 inches.


    4)Best Choice Products Gun Safe


    Best Choice Products Gun Safe


    If you need small gun safes for your apartment but are having trouble finding one, this electronic safe from Best Choice Products is a great choice. The safe can be securely fastened to the wall or the floor using the sleeve anchors. The small, sleek design can easily fit in small spaces, like your closet. For ultimate security, you can set your personal passcode using the electronic digital keypad or use the keys for manual locking and unlocking.


    5)Barska Mini Biometric Safe


    Barska Mini Biometric Safe


    Barska's small home safe might be compact, but it packs some serious safety features. With just a 2.5-second biometric finger scan, you can unlock it in a jiffy. Also, you can program multiple users to access it, making it super convenient. And if you want to keep it away from curious little ones, you can easily mount it up high.


    6)MSAFE PSB 220 Wall Safe


    MSAFE PSB 220 Wall Safe


    For those who live in apartments, this home safe's small size, heavy-duty design, and superior manufacturing make it an excellent choice. Although the MSAFE PSB series is certified for 20 minutes of fireproof resistance, its primary purpose is to provide burglary protection. Its modern design and double-wall structure offer exceptional security. Plus, it comes in a cream shade that helps it blend seamlessly with your apartment's walls.


    7)Stalwart Electronic Digital Small Safe Box


    Stalwart Electronic Digital Small Safe Box


    This compact safe from Stalwart, designed to hold small valuables, is a cost-effective choice for apartment living. It features an electronic keypad lock with both master and guest codes, ensuring everything inside stays safe. And just in case you forget your code, there's a backup key included.


    8)SentrySafe Combination Home Safe


    SentrySafe Combination Home Safe


    If you're looking for something more secure than a simple flat key lock type but prefer not to deal with biometric or electronic keypads, SentrySafe has you covered with its combination dial lock safe. This safe comes with some impressive security features to protect your belongings, including a pry-resistant hinge bar. Not to mention, it's both water and fire-resistant, staying waterproof for a full 24 hours in up to 8 inches of water and fire-resistant for up to an hour. That's some solid protection for your valuables.


    5 Ways to Make Your Apartment More Secure


    Having an apartment safe is great for keeping your valuables safe, but it won't stop break-ins. Here are 5 simple safety tips to help keep you and your apartment secure:


    1) Check Your Windows and Doors


    robber breaking into door of house

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    Most break-ins happen because burglars find an open door or window. If you've got all your entry points locked up tight, they're more likely to move on to an easier target. So, it's really important to have good locks. If your door lock feels flimsy, consider swapping it for a sturdy deadbolt. Before installing locks that require drilling, make sure to get your landlord's approval. If you don't feel confident in your locks, you can also talk to your landlord about installing better ones.


    2) Install a Security System

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    You can also install security system equipment to protect your home. The best home security companies have options that work well for renters, with features like wireless setup and adhesive installation. Think about placing cameras at your front door or in the backyard, adding window or door sensors, and adding motion detectors for added security.


    3) Report Any Broken Lights

     long hallway with lights

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    If you notice any lights that seem broken or not working, it's a good idea to let your building management or landlord know. Well-lit areas are safer since they help you see where you're going and can discourage potential thieves.


    4) Install a Peephole

     woman in pink sweatshirt looking through front door peep hole

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    If your front door doesn't have a peephole, consider asking your landlord about installing one. This is handy because it lets you check out visitors without having to open the door. Just remember, before making this change, be sure to get permission from the building management.


    5) Get Renters Insurance

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    Even if you've taken all the safety precautions, burglaries can still happen. That's why it's a smart move to get renters insurance to safeguard yourself. Renters insurance covers your personal belongings, like furniture, electronics, clothes, and valuable items, as well as any damages caused by a burglary.


    FAQ Section


    1) How can I maintain the fire and water resistance of my safe over time?

    To maintain the fire and water resistance of your safe, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, excessive moisture, or direct sunlight. Regularly inspect the seals, gaskets, and locking mechanisms for any signs of wear or damage, and replace them if necessary. Additionally, store important documents and items in airtight, waterproof containers within the safe for added protection.


    2) What's the difference between electronic and combination locks?

    Electronic locks, such as keypad and biometric options, offer fast and customizable access with PIN codes or fingerprint recognition. On the other hand, combination locks rely on a mechanical dial or numbers to open.


    3) Can I use these safes in other locations besides apartments?

    While these safes are recommended for apartments due to their size and portability, they can also be used in other settings, such as offices, dorm rooms, or small living spaces, where space constraints are a consideration.


    4) How can I dispose of an old or non-functional apartment safe safely?

    Disposing of an old or non-functional safe should be done responsibly. Contact your local waste management or recycling center for guidance on safe disposal methods. Consider removing any personal information or sensitive data from the safe before disposal to prevent potential data breaches.




    So, here you have it – the top apartment safes along with some handy safety tips. Our top pick for the best apartment safe is the Travah Diversion safe. It not only keeps your valuables hidden but also looks like a regular water bottle. For more safes like this, you can explore Travah's range.