Do Fireproof Money Bags Work?


    When you're trapped in a housefire, the last thing you're thinking about is your documents. However, because these are important records, losing them in a fire might make it very difficult to rebuild your life. This is why fireproof money bags were invented. These bags guarantee to protect your most valuable papers from fire damage. But just how effective are these bags? Do they actually live up to their claims? Scroll down below to find out.


    What Are Fireproof Money Bags?


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    Fireproof money bags are document bags that are designed to protect important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, etc from flames or intense heat. These bags are made of fireproof material, are lightweight, and are portable so that you can carry them outside with you in case of an emergency.


    Do Fireproof Document Bags Work?


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    Yes, fireproof bags do work but only offer complete protection under certain criteria. For instance, these bags can keep your valuables safe at temperatures up to 1550°F. If the temperature of the fire exceeds this, the bag will not be able to work at its full capacity. Additionally, most bags can endure fire for up to 30 minutes at a time.


    Are Fireproof Money Bags Worth the Investment?


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    Although fireproof money bags are only effective at specific temperatures and for a limited amount of time, these bags are definitely worth the investment. If the fire department can put out the house fire within 30 minutes, your documents will be safe and secure. Plus, having a fireproof money bag that offers some protection is much better than having a regular bag that will catch fire at the first sign of contact.


    Features to Look for When Buying a Fireproof Document Bag


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    How well your fire bag performs will depend on several features. When buying a fireproof document bag, consider the following:


    1) Material


    Without a doubt, this is the most important factor that will influence how effectively your fireproof bag works. Although there are other options, fiberglass is thought to be the best material to look for when purchasing a fireproof bag since it is non-flammable, lightweight, and incredibly resistant to corrosion. It only melts at incredibly high temperatures. For a better and more practical alternative, you can also look for fiberglass bags with a silicone coating. This increases the material's overall strength and enables it to resist higher temperatures.


    2) Size


    Fireproof bags are available in different sizes. The size you choose will depend on the items you intend to store there. Selecting the right size is essential since anything too small could cause your documents to protrude and catch fire.

    If you want to store large sensitive documents, you can go for bigger bags. When choosing a bigger fireproof safe storage pouch, make sure that it has an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can carry it about with ease. If you plan to just store a few important documents, you can go for a small fireproof bag.


    3) Water Resistant


    Even if your fireproof bag and its contents escape a fire, there is no guarantee that your possessions and documents are secure. Even though water is almost always used to put out fires, few people bother to think if the fireproof bag they purchased is also water resistant. Therefore, if you want the complete safety of your documents, be sure to consider this feature.


    Can You Reuse Fireproof Safe Bags?


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    After surviving a fire, a fireproof bag cannot be used again. The fire would have caused the silicone to dry out and lose its ability to resist fire. Additionally, the zipper closure and velcro clasp will not be in the best condition. Even though the bag appears to be unaffected, the materials would have been compromised and will no longer perform as designed.




    Fireproof bags do work, but there are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing one, some of which have already been mentioned. If you're searching for a waterproof, silicone-coated fiberglass fireproof bag that is small and portable enough to contain all of your vital documents and other valuables, check out Travah.