Where to Hide Jewelry at Home

    Jewelry and cash are often the main targets for burglars. Most people store their jewelry in a jewelry box or safe deposit box near their dresser or in a safe. However, experienced thieves usually look there first. To protect your jewelry, it's important to find smarter, more hidden spots to keep it. Here are some clever places to hide your jewelry.

    The Best Places to Hide Valuables and Expensive Jewelry

    Securing your valuable jewelry at home is essential. Here are some suggestions for hiding places:

    1) Diversion Safe

    diversion safe aluminum bottle


    Diversion safes are safes that look like everyday household items, such as soda cans, books, or even cleaning products, but they have a hidden compartment inside. You can place them on a shelf or in a pantry without drawing attention. Thieves are usually in a hurry, so they might overlook these as they search for more obvious valuables. Make sure to choose a diversion safe that blends well with other items you have, so it doesn't stand out.

    2) False Bottom Drawer


    open empty white drawer
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    This involves adding a hidden compartment beneath the actual bottom of the drawer. From the top, the drawer appears normal and functions just like any other, so it doesn't arouse suspicion. For added security, choose a drawer that's used regularly but not typically associated with valuables, like a kitchen utensil drawer or a desk drawer.

    3) False Wall Outlet Safe


    electric socket on wall
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    Wall outlet safes are designed to look like an ordinary electrical outlet but can be pulled out to reveal a storage space inside. You can install them in any room, and they'll blend in with other real outlets. Place the outlet safe in a less obvious location, not directly next to a bed or other typical storage areas.

    4) False Pipe or Vent


    hand holding pipe
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    These are designed to mimic the appearance of regular plumbing or ventilation but are actually hollow and can be used for storage. You can place them in areas like the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, where pipes and vents are expected. To access your valuables, just remove a section of the pipe or vent cover.

    5) Inside Picture Frames or Artwork


    money placed inside frame
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    You can use frames with a deeper edge to accommodate a hidden compartment or attach a small pouch to the back of larger paintings or photos. Hang them on the wall like you normally would. Thieves typically look for items they can grab quickly, so they are unlikely to take down and inspect every piece of artwork. Choose artwork that doesn't stand out too much or appear expensive.

    6) False Ceiling Panel


    ceiling panels with light
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    You can install a hidden wall panel that looks just like the other ceiling tiles or panels but is actually removable or hinged. The best part about this hidden storage space is that even if a thief suspects that something is hidden up there, they'd need a ladder to access it.

    For added security, make sure to position the panel in less obvious rooms, such as a closet or hallway, rather than main living areas where thieves might look more closely.

    7) Inside Household Appliances


    woman opening vacuum cleaner
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    Household appliances are great places to hide jewelry. Choose appliances that aren't frequently used, such as an old vacuum cleaner, an unused coffee maker, or inside the casing of a desktop computer. Make sure the appliance is disconnected from power if you’re using one that is still plugged in, to avoid any accidents.

    8) Underneath Staircase Steps


    wooden steps inside house
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    If you have a staircase with hollow steps, consider using the space underneath by installing a hidden compartment or safe. These compartments can be designed to open with a hinge or slide out like a drawer. For additional discretion, choose steps that are less visible or less frequently used, such as those in a basement or back staircase.

    9) Outdoor Hiding Spots


    fake rock with key inside
    Credit: RamPro

    If you've got a safe outdoor space, consider using it to hide expensive jewelry. Think of spots like a waterproof container buried in a flowerpot, behind a loose brick in the garden wall, or inside a fake rock that matches your landscaping. You can also use the inside of an outdoor grill or underneath a patio deck, provided these areas are secure and protected from the elements.

    Where Shouldn't You Hide Your Jewelry?

    While it's important to find creative and secure hiding spots for your jewelry, there are certain places you should avoid hiding them:

    1) Freezer, Bathroom or Heaters


    open refrigerator with food items inside
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    Avoid storing your jewelry in any area that has a lot of moisture, humidity, heat, or sudden temperature changes such as in a freezer, refrigerator, bathrooms, or near heat sources like radiators, heaters, or fireplaces. The harsh conditions can harm precious metals and gemstones over time. Even if you plan on using waterproof containers or insulating materials to maintain the temperature, it's just not a good idea to store valuables and prized possessions here.

    2) Underneath the Mattress or Pillow


    jewelry laid on bedsheet
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    This is a well-known hiding spot, and thieves often check here first. Also, hiding valuables here can make them uncomfortable or impractical to use, and there’s always a risk of accidentally damaging the jewelry as you sleep.

    3) Cookie Jars or Food Containers


    cookies inside glass container
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    When you look online for the best places to hide your valuables, you'll often find articles suggesting food containers. So, thieves know that this is a place to look when searching for valuable items, making it unsafe.

    Plus, there's a big chance someone might accidentally handle or toss out those containers. So, it's best to stay away from using them altogether.

    4) Underneath Rugs or Carpets


    woman rolling up carpet
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    This is another common spot burglars are likely to check since it's a quick and easy place to lift and look under during a search. Also, items stored under these floor coverings could be damaged by foot traffic or during cleaning. Plus, carpets are often the first thing to burn up in a house fire.

    5) In a Vehicle


    inside a vehicle
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    The limited space inside a vehicle makes it easy to check thoroughly, and windows can give a clear view into possible hiding spots. Plus, the extreme temperatures inside vehicles can damage sensitive materials in your jewelry. It's not a good idea to store jewelry here.

    Precautions to Take While Hiding Jewelry


    jewelry box overflowing with jewelry
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    Here are some precautions you can take to effectively hide your jewelry:

    • Instead of relying on just one hiding spot, consider using multiple locations throughout your home. This reduces the risk of all your valuables being discovered if one hiding spot is discovered.
    • Avoid discussing or displaying your valuable jewelry openly, as this may attract unwanted attention and increase the risk of theft.
    • Regularly change the locations where you hide your jewelry to prevent anyone from becoming familiar with your hiding patterns.
    • Improve the security of your home with measures such as alarm systems, surveillance cameras, motion-activated lights, and reinforced door and window locks. These can help burglars think twice before breaking in.
    • Maintain a detailed record of your jewelry collection, including descriptions, photographs, and appraisals of each item. Store this information in a secure location separate from your jewelry to help with identification and insurance claims in case of loss or theft.
    • Consider obtaining insurance coverage to protect your jewelry against theft, loss, or damage. Work with reputable insurance providers to ensure you get adequate coverage.


    When protecting your hidden jewelry from potential theft, it's important to choose secret hiding spots that are both clever and unusual. Popular hiding places like the freezer, under the mattress, and cookie jars are best avoided because they are well-known to burglars. Instead, consider more secure locations like diversion safes, false bottom drawers, wall outlet safes, false pipes or vents, behind artwork, beneath staircase steps, inside household appliances, and outdoor hiding spots.

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