Where Not to Hide Jewelry

    When it comes to protecting valuable jewelry, knowing where not to hide it is as important as knowing where to hide it. Poor hiding spots can leave your precious items vulnerable to theft, loss, or damage. In this guide, we'll explore the key locations you should avoid when stashing your jewelry.

    Where Not to Hide Jewelry

    Here are some key locations that you should avoid when hiding valuables and jewelry:

    1) Avoid Obvious Places


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    Hiding jewelry in obvious places such as dresser drawers, underneath mattresses, jewelry boxes, or bedside tables is like leaving your front door unlocked. Burglars often target these areas first, making them high-risk spots for storing valuables.

    2) In Your Bathroom Storage


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    While the bathroom may seem like a secure location, it's actually one of the worst places to hide jewelry. Moisture, fluctuating temperatures, and exposure to beauty and hygiene products can tarnish or damage the metal and stones. Avoid every part of the bathroom, including the cabinets and drawers.

    3) Jewelry Boxes


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    While jewelry boxes are designed for organization and storage, this is exactly why they're not safe. They are one of the first places a burglar will check since they are openly known to contain valuable items. Also, if someone breaks into your home, these boxes are easy to just carry and take.

    4) Anywhere in the Bedroom


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    While the bedroom may seem like a logical place to stash your jewelry, common hiding spots like under mattresses, closets, under the bed, inside pillowcases, or behind picture frames are most commonly searched by burglars. Even less obvious places within the bedroom, such as inside shoes or within book pages, are not safe as thieves often take the time to thoroughly search this room.

    5) Backpacks, Luggage, and Purses


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    Even when these are stored inside your home, they're not secure. A burglar can easily find and carry away these bags, giving them the chance to search through them later. Also, these storage options are often not strong enough to protect valuables from physical damage during a theft.

    6) Underneath Rugs and Carpets


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    If you've seen any movie where a burglar has broken into a house, you'll almost always see a scene where they lift up carpets, move sofas, and any large furniture to check if there's any loose wooden panel where a secret safe is hidden. Since these spots are so popular, it's not smart to hide your expensive jewelry there. Also, these areas can get damp and hot, which can cause your jewelry to tarnish.

    So Where Should You Store Your Jewelry?


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    We've listed all the worst places to hide money and your jewelry, which might be where you've stashed it already. If you're out of ideas after considering those spots, here are some clever secret hiding spots to think about:

    • Hidden storage space in a hollowed-out door
    • Safes that are bolted down
    • Drawers with false bottoms
    • Wall safes
    • False vent safes
    • Diversion safes
    • False ceiling panels
    • Underneath staircase threads
    • Behind a false hidden wall
    • A safe deposit box


    Can I still keep my jewelry in a jewelry box if it's hidden away in a less obvious place?

    It's still generally not recommended. Burglars often target jewelry boxes because they're known to contain valuables. Consider an alternative hiding place to store valuables.

    What should I do if I've already been storing my jewelry in one of the mentioned high-risk spots?

    It's never too late to improve your hidden jewelry storage strategy. Start by relocating your valuables to a safer, less predictable hiding spot.

    How can I prevent my jewelry from tarnishing or getting damaged over time?

    Avoid storing it in areas prone to moisture, extreme temperatures, or exposure to chemicals. Opt for dry, cool environments, and consider using anti-tarnish pouches or cloth to protect your pieces.

    What should I do if I suspect my jewelry has been stolen?

    If you believe your jewelry has been stolen, contact the authorities immediately to file a report. Provide as much detail as possible about the missing items, including photographs and appraisals if available. Also, notify your insurance provider to begin the claims process.


    To protect your jewelry effectively, you need to think ahead and choose your hiding places wisely. Avoid common mistakes and select secure, hidden places to keep your valuables safe from theft, damage, or loss. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure the safety of your treasured jewelry.

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