The Top 8 Secret Compartment Safes That Look Like Furniture


    No matter how advanced your home security system is, there's always a risk of a break-in. While a thief can easily spot a traditional safe, they won't give it a second thought if it looks like a regular household object. This makes secret compartment safes and diversion safes perfect for storing your priceless items. Without further ado, here are the top 8 secret compartment furniture safes available.


    Why Do You Need a Secret Compartment Furniture Safe?

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    Having furniture with secret compartments at home is a smart way to keep your valuable items and important documents safe. Unlike traditional safes, which can immediately signal to a burglar where your valuables are stored, these safes blend seamlessly with your home decor, making it far less likely for someone to stumble upon your valuable possessions. They're also perfect for keeping jewelry, money, important papers, or small family heirlooms. Plus, if you have kids, these safes are great for keeping dangerous items or personal belongings safely hidden.


    The Best Hidden Safes to Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight


    best safes that look like furniture


    Here are 8 pieces of furniture with hidden compartments you can use to keep everything you need, including remote controls, weapons, jewelry, pen drives, essential documents, and even your car keys safe:


    1)Travah Diversion Bottle Safe


     Travah Diversion Water bottle safe


    Although technically not furniture, this Travah aluminum water bottle diversion safe is ideal for storing valuables in plain sight at home or in your company office. Whether you merely need a place to put a few rolls of cash or priceless jewelry, this is undeniably a concealed distraction that curious house cleaners or burglars are unlikely to discover. The way it functions is very simple. It looks like a regular aluminum bottle, but it has a screw-on bottom where you can stash your valuables securely.


    2)American Furniture Classics Gun Concealment Furniture


     American Furniture Classics Gun Concealment Furniture


    Storing guns in plain sight is difficult. That is why American Furniture Classics invented this storage bench. With space for up to five long rifles and a pull-out wood tray for extremely quick access during emergencies, the safe is definitely worth the investment. Plus, the concealed compartment features a key lock making it the perfect choice if you have kids at home.


    3)Travah Diversion Hairbrush Safe


     Travah Diversion Hairbrush Safe


    Although the Travah hairbrush looks just like any other brush you'd find at home, it's more than meets the eye. Hidden inside is a secret compartment secured by a screw top. The best part is that it has enough room for some jewelry, a spare key, and a roll of cash.


    4)SONGMICS Mirror Jewelry Cabinet


     SONGMICS Mirror Jewelry Cabinet


    With the SONGMICS Mirror Jewelry Cabinet, you can safely store your valuable jewelry and watch collection. At first sight, it appears to be a regular mirror hanging on a wall or behind a door, but when you turn it around, you'll find a hidden slot for a key that unlocks a secret compartment.

    With earring slots, necklace hooks, a bracelet rod, bottom drawers, and shelves, it has a large amount of jewelry storage. This clever furniture piece will protect your valuables since most people will be too preoccupied admiring themselves in the mirror to notice anything.


    5)Travah Diversion Hanger


     Travah Diversion Hanger


    Thanks to its clever design, this Travah diversion safe is hidden from prying eyes. By hanging it in your closet with your clothing, you can use it to keep valuables and important documents.

    The bag has a 16.5" × 17.5" compartment that is ideal for storing insurance policies, birth certificates, passports, cash, jewelry, and more. This is the only safe on this list that also functions as a fireproof document bag, safeguarding your possessions from both burglaries and natural disasters.


    6)Elder Welder Hidden Wall Safe Outlet


     Elder Welder Hidden Wall Safe Outlet


    This Elder Welder imitation electrical outlet has a sturdy metal shell, a 100% real wall plate, and a key lock for security. Despite its small size, this hidden safe has a 30 cubic inch capacity, which is sufficient to hold a large amount of cash or jewelry. Additionally, by removing the internal drawer bottom, you have the option of using 2 smaller compartments or 1 larger secret compartment.


    7)Professional Grade Products Hidden Wall Safe


    Professional Grade Products Hidden Wall Safe 


    The air vents in your home can serve as a convenient hiding place, but it doesn't stop your valuables from getting lost or damaged when the vent is in use. If you have a lot of wall space and need a secret location to hide some cash, install the Professional Grade Products Wall Safe.

    When you peek through the vent, all you can see is a wall that leads nowhere. However, when you open it and take down the phony wall, you will discover a secret chamber where you can conceal your valuables.


    8)Jssmst Store Book Safe with Combination Lock


     Jssmst Store Book Safe with Combination Lock


    If you have a lot of books on your shelves, it could be a good idea to invest in a book diversion safe. This diversion safe looks like a copy of "The New English Dictionary" but features a box with a combination lock and is large enough to hold items bigger than your phone. If worse comes to worst, even if someone finds out your dictionary is a hoax, at least they can't open it!


    FAQ Section


    1) How do secret compartment furniture safes work?

    Secret compartment furniture safes are designed to blend seamlessly with your home decor while providing hidden storage for your valuable items. They often feature compartments that are discreetly integrated into the furniture, such as behind mirrors, inside drawers, or within seemingly ordinary household objects like bottles or hairbrushes. These safes typically have secure locking mechanisms to keep your belongings safe from unauthorized access.


    2) What can I store in a secret compartment furniture safe?

    The best items to store in a secret compartment furniture safe, include jewelry, cash, important documents like passports or birth certificates, small electronic devices, keys, and even firearms.


    3) How can I choose the right secret compartment furniture safe for my needs?

    When choosing a secret compartment furniture safe, consider factors such as the size and type of items you plan to store, the available space in your home, and your budget. Look for safes that blend seamlessly with your existing furniture and decor. Also, prioritize safes with strong security features to protect your valuables effectively.


    4) Are these safes safe for homes with children?

    Yes, many of these safes are designed with safety in mind, especially for homes with children. They feature secure locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and can be used to store potentially hazardous items or personal belongings out of reach of children.


    5) Where can I purchase these safes?

    You can purchase these safes online from websites like Travah, which offer a wide range of diversion safes. Additionally, local home improvement stores or specialty small businesses may carry a selection of these safes for in-person viewing and purchase.




    If you want to protect your valuables from theft and hide them from view, secret compartment safes that look like furniture are the best option.To shop for the best diversion safes that will keep your belongings (and secrets) safe at all times, check out Travah.