The Best Place to Hide Money in a Hotel Room


    If you're on vacation and planning to leave your hotel room to explore the city for the day, you might be concerned about how well you've concealed your valuables. Besides, you don't want to return to a hotel where all your credit cards and emergency cash have been stolen. To ensure that your money is secure, we've compiled a list of the top ways to hide money in a hotel room. Let's get started.


    best place to hide money in a hotel room


    Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiding Money in a Hotel Room


    Before we get into the best hiding places to store cash in your hotel room, here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your money is safe:


    1)  Avoid Using the Hotel Room Safe


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    Instead of going through all the trouble of coming up with ways to hide money in your room, you might be wondering why can't you just store money and your other valuables in a hotel room safe. First off, if a hotel key is required to unlock the safe, there are almost always countless duplicates circulating among the staff and previous guests, which makes stealing simpler.

    Even if the safe requires a specific code, hotels usually have experts who can figure it out if they need to. Also, if a thief is not able to open the safe in your room, they could simply take the entire safe and open it somewhere else.

    So, it's generally better to avoid using hotel safes, as they can be risky and not as secure as you might think.


    2)  Always Lock Your Suitcase When Leaving the Room


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    This second tip may seem obvious but it needs to be mentioned. When leaving your hotel room, always lock your suitcase with a key lock or a combination lock, and have the key on you at all times. This keeps hotel staff and anyone else from snooping through your belongings.


    3)  Place a “Do Not Disturb” Sign Outside Your Room


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    If there was a way that you could prevent a potential burglar from ever entering your hotel room in the first place, why not use it? You can do this by turning on the TV when you leave your room and hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door. This makes people think you're inside, and they're less likely to enter. If you need room service, order it when you can watch over what they're doing.


    Top Places to Hide Cash in a Hotel Room


    Now that you know the tips to keep in mind when storing cash and other valuables in a hotel room, here are the top places to hide money there:


    1)  Hide Valuables Under the Mattress


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    The first place to store hidden cash in a hotel room is under the mattress. When the hotel staff makes the bed, they usually lift only a part of the mattress to tuck in the bedding. So, putting your money in the middle of the mattress is a smart way to keep it safe. Just remember not to hide anything too bulky as that might look suspicious.


    2)  Place Cash Inside a Vent


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    If you have a screwdriver, this is such a great place to hide money. If not, you can always buy one from a nearby hardware or convenience store. To use a vent to store money, simply open it with your screwdriver, slip in your valuables towards the end, and then close it up. Make sure the bag holding the valuables is dark so it blends in with the surroundings.


    3)  Hide Money Inside a DVD Player, TV, or Air Conditioning Unit


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    If your hotel room has a DVD player, press the eject button and place your valuables inside. This is the ideal hiding place to store smaller valuables like a credit card, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

    If your hotel room doesn't have a DVD player, you can always use the television. This works especially well with older sets since they have plenty of space inside. To do this, turn off the power, open the back, place your valuables inside, and close it up. Most thieves won't think you'd go this far, so it's a pretty effective trick.

    If your room does not have a TV, you can use the same method with the air conditioner.


    4)  Use a Diversion Safe to Keep Cash Hidden


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    Diversion safes are getting really popular. They look like everyday items you might have at home, like a hairbrush, cereal box, tennis ball or other sporting equipment, water bottle, or even a rock, but they have a secret compartment where you can hide dollar bills and other small items.

    If you want to leave your room and hide your belongings somewhere secret, these secret safes are a great choice. What's cool is that you don't even have to hide them; you can just leave them on your dressing table in plain sight, and no one will notice.


    5)  Hide Cash Inside a Pillow


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    Since most hotels provide pillows and cushions, you can use these to your advantage. To use a pillow to hide your valuables, unzip it, tuck the item right at the bottom, and zip it back up. Remember to only do this after room service is done; otherwise, your valuables might be discovered.



    6) Additional Hiding Spots


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    Here are some additional hiding spots to consider:


    • Inside a Wall Clock: You can hide your money stash by opening up the back of a wall clock and placing it inside.
    • Inside a Curtain Rod: Many curtain rods in hotels have a hollow interior. You can safely place your valuables inside this hidden space
    • Garage Door Opener (for Homestay Airbnb): If you're staying in a homestay or Airbnb with a garage door opener, this can be a clever spot to store your hidden money.
    • Inside the Toilet Tank: You can also consider hiding your valuables inside the toilet tank for added security. Just be sure to use a waterproof container to protect your valuables from moisture.


    FAQ Section


    Q1: What should I do if I discover my money or valuables are missing from my hotel room?

    Immediately report the theft to the hotel management and local authorities. It's essential to have a record of the incident for insurance purposes.


    Q2: Should I notify the hotel about my hidden valuables?

    It's generally not necessary to inform the hotel about your concealed valuables. However, if you have concerns about the safety of your belongings, you can discreetly ask the front desk for advice or inquire if they offer secure storage options.


    Q3: What's the best way to keep my travel documents safe in a hotel room?

    To protect your travel documents, use a waterproof and fireproof document pouch. Store it in a hidden spot like a vent.




    There you have it. You now know how to keep your money safe and where to hide your belongings in a hotel room.

    The safest and best place to hide money in a hotel is definitely in a diversion safe. Since these products effortlessly blend into the environment, they will not raise any suspicion. If you're looking for a diversion safe that you can use to conceal your valuables while traveling, consider shopping at Travah. At Travah, we have a range of diversion safes from hairbrushes to diversion bottles. Shop with us today.