The Top 10 Secret Cash Stash Places You've Never Thought About

    Thieves are smart. They use blogs, movies, and research to learn where people commonly hide their cash and valuables. It's likely that even your most creative hiding spot has been considered by a thief. In this blog, we'll explore some unique hiding places that you—and possibly even thieves—haven't thought of yet.

    The Best Secret Stash Spots

    Here are the top most secret stash containers and spots that you've never thought of:

    1) Buried in a Houseplant


    houseplant in a pot
    Credit: Envato Elements/ madlovavalentina

    A houseplant can be a great place to hide your cash. Choose a plant with a deep pot that can accommodate a small, waterproof container. Place your cash, key, or whatever valuable that you need to hide inside the container. Seal it well to keep moisture out, and bury it in the soil. Make sure it's not visible above the surface. Remember to choose a plant that doesn't need frequent re-potting or one where the soil isn't disturbed often.

    2) Inside a Fake Electrical Outlet


    finger touching an electric outlet
    Credit: Envato Elements/ B-CATT

    A fake electrical outlet is another clever place to hide money. You can buy a decoy outlet from a hardware store or online. Install it on a wall where it doesn't look out of place. Be sure to place it away from actual wiring to avoid accidents. The outlet usually comes with a small space behind it to store items. Just open the faceplate, place your cash inside, and snap it shut.

    3) In a Diversion Safe


    Travah diversion safe


    A diversion safe is a container that’s designed to look like an everyday household item, such as a book, can, or cleaning product. You can easily find these safes in stores or online. To use one, put your cash inside the safe and place it among similar items where it doesn't stand out.

    4) Inside Food Cans


    metal tins stacked one on top of the other
    Credit: Envato Elements/ Artem_ka

    This is another great hiding spot. First, choose a can that has a removable lid or one that can be easily resealed after opening. Clean the can thoroughly to remove any food residue and smell. Place your cash inside, ideally in a small plastic bag to keep it clean and dry. Reseal the lid using a strong adhesive. For added security, store the can in your pantry among other similar items.

    5) Inside a False Vent


    air vent on wall
    Credit: Envato Elements/ stevanovicigor

    Purchase a vent cover that matches the style and color of the ones already in your home. Install it in a location that doesn't disrupt airflow from real vents, like on the lower part of a wall. Behind the vent cover, attach a small box or use the cavity in the wall to store your cash.

    6) Inside a Wall Clock

    wall clock on wall
    Credit: Envato Elements/ seregam

    Many wall clocks have empty space behind the face where you can hide valuables. Choose a clock that is thick enough to hold a small container or envelope. Open the back of the clock and place your cash inside, securing it so it doesn’t interfere with the clock mechanisms. Close the back securely. Hang the clock back in its usual spot.

    7) Hollowed-Out Book


    open book on top of a table
    Credit: Envato Elements/ FabrikaPhoto

    A hollowed-out book is a classic yet effective way to hide cash. Choose a book that blends in with others on your bookshelf and isn’t likely to be picked up or read. Using a box cutter or a sharp knife, carefully cut a compartment into the pages of the book. Make the compartment deep enough to store your cash or any other small valuables.

    8) Underneath Furniture


    woman looking below the bed
    Credit: Envato Elements/ travelarium

    Use the space underneath your furniture to hide cash. Choose a piece that is rarely moved, like a heavy sofa or a large bed. Use strong double-sided tape to attach a small, flat container or envelope to the underside of the furniture. Make sure it is placed where it can’t be seen unless the furniture is lifted or moved.

    9) Inside a Curtain Rod


    curtain hung on a rod
    Credit: Envato Elements/ ametov41

    Choose a curtain rod that is hollow and has removable end caps. Roll your cash tightly to fit within the rod. Remove one end cap and slide your rolled cash inside the rod. Replace the end cap securely so that it doesn't fall out.

    10) Under the Floorboards


    feet on wooden floor
    Credit: Envato Elements/ annagorbenko

    Locate a loose or removable floorboard in a less trafficked area of your home, such as a closet or corner. Carefully lift or remove the floorboard to create a small hiding space underneath. Place a couple of money bills inside. Replace the floorboard and make sure that it doesn't move. Avoid using the floorboards in the basement as there'll be too much moisture and your cash might rot.


    Are these hiding spots really secure?

    While these spots can be effective, remember they're not foolproof. Thieves can be resourceful, so use additional security measures like alarms or safes.

    Can I use these hiding spots for items other than cash?

    Absolutely! These spots can also be used for storing jewelry, important documents, or small valuables like even a marker.

    Will my cash or valuables be damaged in these hiding spots?

    It depends on how well you seal and protect them. Use waterproof containers or bags to safeguard against moisture or pests.

    How often should I check these hiding spots?

    Regularly inspect them to ensure your items are safe and accessible. Consider checking every few months or whenever you add or remove items.

    Can I combine multiple hiding spots for added security?

    Absolutely! Layering your hiding spots can increase security, but remember to keep track of them all for easy access.


    Protecting your cash requires creativity and resourcefulness. By using these 10 secret stash spots, you can keep your money safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Remember to choose hiding spots that are hidden yet easily accessible.

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