Different Types of Concealment Furniture

    If you're living in a sketchy area or going on a long trip worried about your stuff getting stolen, concealment furniture is your answer. It's like regular furniture but has secret compartments, drawers, or panels that can be accessed in various ways, such as through sliding mechanisms, false bottoms, or hidden locks. This type of furniture is popular for its dual functionality. It offers both storage and security. Here are some different types of concealment furniture you can consider buying.

    The Different Types of Concealment Furniture

    Here are the different types of concealment furniture you can check out:

    1) Diversion Safes


    brush diversion safe


    Diversion safes are designed to look like everyday household objects, but they have a hidden compartment for storing valuables. Commonly disguised as books, cans, or even electrical outlets, these safes blend seamlessly into your home environment, making them less noticeable to thieves. The compartments usually open with a screw top or a pull-off bottom, and they're ideal for small items like jewelry, cash, or important documents. The detail and design will depend on the model you choose.

    2) Concealment Shelves

    Unlike regular shelves, concealment shelves are built with hidden compartments that are usually accessed via a secret latch or by pressing a specific part of the shelf. Inside, the compartments may be lined with foam to protect delicate items and often have customizable slots or sections. The exterior looks just like any other shelf, making it an effective way to keep important items out of sight. These shelves can be used in various rooms, from bedrooms to living rooms.

    3) Ottoman with Storage


    hands holding an ottoman
    Credit: Envato Elements/ towfiqu98

    An ottoman with storage is another smart choice for concealment. While it functions as a footrest or extra seating, the top typically lifts off or slides to reveal a storage space inside. This can be used for larger items such as laptops, photo albums, or even emergency supplies. Some models include a lock for added security, ensuring that your belongings are safe and out of sight.

    4) Hidden Wall Compartments

    Hidden wall compartments are often installed behind what appears to be a regular piece of wall art or a mirror. The access mechanisms vary, including push-to-open panels or magnetic triggers that release the compartment. Inside, the space can be customized with shelving or hooks, depending on what needs to be stored. This type of concealment is particularly effective for larger items that need to be kept out of view but within easy reach. It’s a popular choice for securing documents, jewelry, or even emergency cash.

    5) Hidden Gun Concealment Safes


    safes in the cupboard
    Credit: Envato Elements/ JulieStar

    Hidden gun safes are designed to provide secure storage for firearms while keeping them out of sight. These safes can be integrated into furniture like coffee tables, nightstands, or even under desks. They usually feature biometric locks through fingerprint recognition for quick access. Internally, these safes are lined with soft materials to prevent scratches on the firearms. Some models also include compartments for ammunition and accessories.

    6) Floor Safes

    Floor safes are installed directly into the ground, typically within the concrete foundation of a home, making them extremely difficult to remove or tamper with. These safes are often covered with a floor covering like a tile or carpet, seamlessly blending into the room’s flooring. They are equipped with heavy-duty locks that may include combinations, keypads, or biometric systems for added security. The internal space is usually deep and is effective for storing large sums of money, important documents, and other high-value items.

    7) Mirror Safes


    woman looking at mirror
    Credit: Envato Elements/ arthurhidden

    These safes are typically mounted on walls and feature mirrors that swing open to reveal the hidden storage space behind them. The opening mechanism can vary from a simple mechanical lock to more sophisticated systems like magnetic triggers or touch-activated sensors. Inside, the compartment is often customizable with shelves or hooks, making it suitable for storing jewelry, documents, or small electronics.


    Can concealment furniture be custom made?

    Yes, many manufacturers offer custom-made options to fit specific needs and spaces. Customization can include size, style, type of locking mechanism, and interior configurations.

    Does installing concealment furniture require professional help?

    Some types, like heavy floor safes or integrated wall units, might require professional installation to ensure they are securely and correctly set up. Others, like diversion safes or floating shelves, can typically be set up by the user.

    How secure are concealed safes and compartments?

    Concealed safes and compartments are designed with security in mind. However, the level of security can vary depending on the quality of the product and installation.


    Concealment furniture is a must-have if you want to improve the security in your home. From concealment shelves to hidden safes, these innovative pieces provide functional storage solutions without sacrificing style.

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