Best Diversion Safes of 2022

    (updated since 2021) 

    Most people have been the victims of theft or burglary, which can be aggravating, especially if you've had to part with any expensive stuff. Of course, you have safes in your homes, but are they helping to keep your belongings safe from theft?


    diversion safes



    Probably not, because the safe is plainly visible, and any qualified locksmith can crack the code in a matter of minutes, assuming you are not compelled to give up the system. This is why having one of the best diversion safes is so important.

    What are Diversion Safes?

    Diversion Safes are safes designed to conceal any specific article or items for the sake of secrecy or safety.

    These safes are designed to seem like everyday objects or items, such as a book or a candle. These are designed to deter an intruder or a stranger from breaking into the residence with the intent of stealing something valuable.

    These safes are useful for people who want a secure environment near their business or at home but don't have the financial means to install a security system like CCTV or watchdogs.

    These solutions are also impractical in other circumstances. Investing in a diversion safe is a cost-effective solution to improve the protection of our belongings.

    Because these safes are so similar to everyday objects, robbers are unable to locate the articles and valuables, ensuring that they remain safe. Diversion safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as a can or a bottle, and can easily blend into the background of your home. The best diversion safes look exactly like everyday household items but contain hidden compartments for storing cash, keys and money without drawing the attention of thieves. 

    1)  Diversion Safe Water Bottle


    travah diversion bottle


    This stainless steel water bottle diversion safe is ideal for on-the-go people. Whether you simply want something to keep in your car to keep essential documents like your registration, auto insurance, or credit cards safe, or you need something to bring on a trip, this is a stealthy diversion that criminals or curious house cleaners are unlikely to notice. You can effortlessly unscrew the bottom of the bottle, which transforms it into hidden storage for your belongings. It's also useful because you can use it as a genuine water bottle!


    • Allows you to hide valuables.
    • Suitable for traveling, outdoor activities and gym.
    • Its compact and seamless form allows it to effortlessly fit into tight spaces.



    • Doesn't have a lock.


    2)  Hanger Diversion Safe

     travah diversion hanger


    This safe may be hung on any hanger in your closet and hidden among your clothes. You won't have to worry about a robber, a sneaky roommate, or anybody else locating your things because it's virtually invisible. This safe is constructed of long-lasting materials. If you travel frequently, it may be the greatest diversion safe for you – it is simple to fold and move and does not attract notice, making it the ideal diversion safe for those who spend a lot of time in hotels.


    • It is long-lasting.
    • If you spend a lot of time travelling, this is the bag for you.
    • It's extremely portable and has a large storage capacity.


    • Doesn't have a lock


    3)  Diversion Safe Hair Brush


     travah diversion hair brush 

    This hairbrush safe is ideal for anyone looking to keep their valuables safe. This hairbrush can be used as a standard brush, but it has a top plastic cap that swiftly pops off to show the empty chamber inside. Although it aids in the storage of a respectable amount of cash, the chamber can only hold a small amount of cash at a time.


    • Blends in seamlessly with your other beauty products: A diversion safe that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb is the ideal sort! The problem with most diversion safes is that they are poorly constructed and do not accept genuine items. The Travah Hair Brush Safe is not only a terrific distraction, but it's also a fantastic Hair Brush.
    • Allows you to hide valuables.
    • It has a lot of uses: You can use it as a blow-out brush in addition to storing money and valuables.



    • The top comes out easily


    4)  Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup Diversion Safe

     campbells soup diversion safe


    Diversion safes exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most oblique ones are always the best. BigMouth Inc created a brilliant diversion safe in the shape of a can of chicken noodle soup. This unsuspecting can has the same dimensions as a real can, leaving plenty of room for items to be hidden. With the use of this diversion safe, you may store money, jewellery, gift cards, regular-sized wallets, or documents in plain sight.


    • Worth the money
    • Easily hidden


    • A few tweaks to the cap might be beneficial.


    5)  Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Safe


    speed stick


    Theft is common in gym locker rooms. Consider your belongings history if you leave your wallet in a locker and a thief manages to break in. Put your belongings in a fake deodorant container and keep it at the top of your locker. No one would even think of stealing a speed stick.


    • Can be hidden in plain sight.
    • Perfect for the gym or travelling.


    • Anything stored in this diversion safe will smell of the deodorant.


    6)  Fake Rock Diversion Safe


    fake rock diversion safe 


    This is a diversion safe that you can leave in plain sight. It's a key holder that resembles a real rock and is ideal for storing your spare key. Furthermore, it is inexpensive - one piece of this distraction safe costs $6.99, while two items cost $11.99.


    • It's ideal for concealing keys in plain sight.
    • Only enough room for keys.
    • It has a realistic appearance and is reasonably priced.


    • The white bottom of the item can give it away if it isn't placed correctly.
    • It rusts fast.


    7)  Home Dictionary Diversion Safe with Combination Lock 

    home dictionary safe


    This book safe is available in three colours: black, navy, and pink. It may be used to conceal anything in plain sight. Depending on your demands, you can pick between a larger and a smaller book safe. This distraction safe employs a combination lock; simply remember your password and use it on the three-digit combination lock in the future.


    • It appears to be quite realistic.
    • Doesn't draw attention to itself.


    • The password is not so easy to set.


    8)  SPAM Diversion Safe


    spam diversion safe


    Fans of canned ham, rejoice! For you, we have the ideal diversion safe. This little stash can is ideal for your pantry, and it has the same label and dimensions as the original. It's also a great housewarming present. This is one of the best diversion safes to hide in your kitchen.


    • Very realistic looking.
    • Lightweight.


    • The plastic top at the bottom comes off easily.


    9)  Coca Cola Soda Can Diversion Safe

    Coca Cola diversion safe


    This Coca-Cola can looks just like the famous Coca-Cola can drink, and there's no way to tell the difference between it and the genuine thing.


    • It is a secure method of storing your belongings because it is less visible.
    • It can withstand water.


    • The stash is vulnerable to damage.
    • It is not a fire-resistant material.


    10)  Air Vent Large Diversion Safe

    air vent diversion safe


    This diversion safe is simple and larger than the majority of the alternatives. A small safe isn't always enough. A weapon and ammo, for example, will not fit in a book safe. However, an air vent serves as a large diversion safe, allowing you to store larger items inside.


    • Safely hides your values in plain sight while keeping them easily accessible
    • Cover secures with included magnets (simple access) or included screws (more security)
    • Comes with paintable grille, screws, magnets, false wall, and safe


    • The magnets provided are way too weak to hold the register in place securely with confidence.


    In Conclusion

    Diversion safes can be tricky – in the end, the very nature of them is tricky. With so many options available on the market, it can be really hard to choose an object that will successfully stash all your valuable items. However, we hope that with our thorough review, we helped you choose better.