The Best Place to Hide Money While Traveling


    Being robbed or pickpocketed is terrible at any time, but it is especially upsetting when you are traveling and are supposed to be having fun on your trip. In this blog post, we'll go over the best places to hide money while traveling, as well as safety tips to keep in mind to prevent being robbed.


    Innovative Places to Hide Money While Traveling


    Thieves are intelligent. They target tourists since they tend to carry a lot of cash. However, if you make it difficult for a thief to take your belongings, you can outsmart them. Here are some of our best recommendations for concealing cash and other valuables when traveling:


    1)  Hide Money Inside a Water Bottle With a Secret Compartment


    Black, blue and silver Travah Diversion safe water bottle

    Credit: Travah


    Water bottles make great hiding places to store cash and other valuables in plain sight. If you want to be even more innovative and want a safer option, use a water bottle with a concealed compartment like the one from Travah. The Travah bottle looks like a conventional aluminum bottle but has a hidden compartment at the bottom that can be unscrewed to store your valuables. Whether you leave it in your hotel room or your backpack, be sure that your valuables will be safe.


    2)  Hide Cash in a Hairbrush


    A Travah diversion hairbrush in black

    Credit: Travah


    Another great place that you can use as a hidden compartment stash box is a hairbrush. Most hairbrushes have a cap at the top that can be unscrewed and used to store money. If you're looking for something that is designed to hide valuables, check out the Travah diversion hairbrush. The hairbrush is practical and blends in with your other cosmetic supplies so that no one would guess its hidden purpose.


    3)  Hide Emergency Cash In Your Shoes


    A pair of leather shoes

    Credit: Envato Elements/ Bondarillia


    If you're concerned about theft, hiding money in your shoes is a great idea. There is no way you can lose this money unless the robber coerces you into giving them your shoes.

    Before stuffing your shoe with cash, spray your feet with an anti-sweat spray to stop them from sweating. Additionally, it is suggested to place the cash in a tiny plastic bag to prevent it from touching your feet directly.


    4)  Add Concealed Pockets to Garments to Store Money


    A concealed pocket with some money in it

    Credit: Envato Elements/ Johnstocker


    If you want a simple technique to keep cash hidden, try sewing pockets into the interior fabric of clothing, such as your shirt or slacks. This is such a great place to store travel documents along with money. For a safer option, think about giving the pocket a zipper.


    5)  Hide Cash Inside Your Hat or Cap


    A person holding a green cap out from his body

    Credit: Envato Elements/ Rawpixel


    This is the best place to hide money if you're traveling during summer or winter. Your hat can serve as a storage space for your ID card or passport. Just be sure to wrap it up with plastic before putting it in your cap. Additionally, if you're traveling somewhere cold, you can even stitch a tiny pouch inside your wool hat to protect your cash.


    6)  Place Valuables in a Hanging Coat Bag


    A Travah diversion hanger with some items inside

    Credit: Travah


    If you're staying in a hotel with closets, hanging coat bags like the one from Travah make great secret hiding places for storing cash and other valuables. When you leave the hotel, simply place your belongings inside, and hang a coat on top. Anyone looking to snoop through your room will never discover the bag.


    7)  Use a Money Bag to Stash Money


    A person with a money bag strapped to the leg

    Credit: Riders Junction


    Money bags are a great way to keep money safe from burglars when you're on the move. These bags come in a variety of styles that can be worn on various body parts, like the waist, thighs, and even the neck. The thigh version is the most difficult to steal.


    8) Place Money Inside a Sleeping Bag or a Toilet Paper Roll


    A green sleeping bag with a cat lying on it

    Credit: Envato Elements/ Galyna_Andrushko


    If you're hiking with a sleeping bag, you might want to leave some money at the bottom or inside one of the pockets. If someone were to break into your room while you are away, they probably wouldn't bother to roll up your sleeping bag and have a peek inside.

    If you don't have a sleeping bag but have some toilet paper in your room, consider placing hidden money within the sheets and hiding the roll in a bag. Room service might throw away your toilet paper roll if you leave it lying around your room.


    Best Tips for Travelling With Cash


    Consider the following advice if you wish to keep your valuables safe when traveling:


    1)  Avoid Carrying a Lot of Cash


    A person taking money out of a wallet

    Credit: Envato Elements/ joebelanger


    Start by avoiding bringing a lot of cash with you. While having some local currency is highly helpful for paying for transportation, food, and other expenses, carrying around a large wad of bills is asking for trouble.


    2)  Split Up Your Money


    A person holding money and counting into two piles

    Credit: Envato Elements/ Tapzphoto


    Second, avoid keeping all of your money in one place. If a thief discovers where you've stashed your money, you run the risk of losing it all. As a result, it's a good idea to split your money up into smaller sums and hide it in at least three different locations.


    3)  Use a Dummy Wallet


    A leather wallet with some coins

    Credit: Envato Elements/ nodar77


    If you're visiting a location where pickpockets and muggings are common, think about buying a cheap wallet that looks authentic enough to serve as a decoy and can be kept in your pocket or purse. Along with a few false credit cards, stuff the wallet with fake cash. By carrying a fake wallet, you can keep pickpockets from stealing your real one.


    4)  Be Watchful of Your Backpack or Purse


    A person wearing a leather backpack on his back

    Credit: Envato Elements/ simonapilolla


    Never leave your handbag or backpack unattended. Additionally, never hang your purse alongside or behind a chair when you are seated to eat in a restaurant. Keep it either on your lap or directly in front of you on a table. Most tourists carry backpacks to store valuables, therefore pickpockets commonly target them.


    5)  Keep Some Cash on Hand


    A man putting some money into the top pocket

    Credit: Envato Elements/ vinokurovyury


    This might seem like bad advice, but having to dig around under your clothes every time you want to buy something is not only annoying but also makes your hidden stash less hidden because everyone can see where it is. Things can be considerably simpler if you have some spare change or a small bit of cash on hand, possibly in your dummy wallet.


    6)  Only Take What You Can Afford to Lose


    A variety of jewelry in gold, pearls and blue stones

    Credit: Envato Elements/ Dream79


    Avoid packing expensive items like expensive watches, cameras, laptops, jewelry, and anything with sentimental worth when visiting a foreign country. Before packing something, ask yourself if you need it; if the answer is no, don't bring it.




    There you have it. Our top tips for keeping your cash safe when traveling. Even if you follow the above guidelines, you still run the risk of being robbed. However, by using the abovementioned hiding spots, you can lessen the loss and continue your vacation without experiencing a complete disaster.