14 Innovative Places To Hide Money at Home

    Do you stash cash or valuable items at home, fearing they might be discovered and stolen by questionable people? Most articles would urge you to deposit this money in a bank account so that you no longer have to worry about it. We're here to tell you that you can keep this money at home and still not have to worry about it. The trick is to think creatively and hide your money in places that won't attract attention. Keep reading to find some clever ways to keep your money safe.


    best hiding places to store money at home 


    Best Hiding Places To Store Cash


    Here are the best places to keep your emergency cash hidden at home and away from plain sight:


    1) Diversion Safes


    A Travah diversion safe water bottle

    Credit: Travah


    Instead of busting your back trying to find out how to hide your cash, why not invest in a diversion safe? With a diversion safe, you can hide your personal items in plain sight. They're designed to look like everyday objects like cans, books, tennis balls, and bottles, but they feature a hidden compartment where money and other valuables can be stashed.

    There are plenty of great diversion safes on the market that are both affordable and proven to keep your valuables safe. Check out Travah's bottle diversion safe if this sounds like something that intrigues you. It's designed to blend in seamlessly, so burglars or nosy visitors are unlikely to spot it. Plus, it has a hidden compartment at the bottom that can be unscrewed to store your valuables. And when you're not using it to hide your valuables, it functions just like a regular aluminum bottle.


    2) Pens or Markers


    A red, black and blue sharpie pen

    Credit: Sharpie


    Did you know you can use a pen or marker to hide money? Simply wrap bills around the inside part of the pen (where the refill goes) and put it back together. Now you have a hidden stash of cash and a working pen! Just make sure to keep it in a place you'll remember and don't let anyone borrow it, or you might lose both your pen and your money.


    3) Kickplate Grille


    Two white refrigerator kickplate grills

    Credit: WonderHowTo


    Did you know that most refrigerators have a kickplate grille? There's a lot of hidden space underneath it. Think about it: how many burglars would think to look there?

    But before you hide money inside your refrigerator's kickplate grille, take a moment to check where it's located. In some models, storing items there can block airflow, which might make the fridge stop working properly and even cause damage. So make sure it's safe to stash valuables there.


    4) Cereal Boxes


    A cereal box in a cupboard with some pasta shells

    Credit: Katie Jackson


    Everybody likes cereal and has a box at home. As a result, it will blend in and go unnoticed in its surroundings.

    Remove the inner bag from a box of cereal and discard it. Replace it with a money envelope, close the box, and store it in the pantry with your other cereals. Because of its size, a cereal box can be utilized to conceal a large sum of money. To be even more discrete, include an envelope along with the cereal so that when someone opens it, all they discover is cereal.


    5) A Vintage Phone


    An old red vintage telephone

    Credit: iStock


    If you're like many people, you probably don't use a landline phone anymore. Instead of tossing it out, why not use it to stash cash?

    If you have an old landline that you don't use, disassemble the phone with care. Remove any screws holding it together. Set them aside and keep an eye on them to make sure none of them go missing. Find a spot to hide your cash inside, and screw everything back together once the money is in there.


    6) Lotion Bottle


    Some lotion bottles in the shower shelf

    Credit: The Pastiche


    Another fantastic place to store money is an empty lotion jar. Roll up any cash you need to conceal and slip it inside. Since it can be tricky to get the money out without cutting the bottle open, save this hiding spot for cash you won't need to access quickly.


    7) Fish Tank


    Some goldfish in a fishtank with some bright plants

    Credit: PetPlace


    This is an excellent location for stashing cash. Think about it: how many burglars would dig through a dirty fish tank looking for hidden items? Probably not many.

    There are several ways to hide your money in a fish tank. You could put it in a jar, bury it under a rock, or even place it in the filtration system. Just choose a method and a spot that won't be easily found.


    8) Backyards


    Children playing outside in the garden

    Credit: The Spruce


    Yes, people still hide their valuables in their yards. It's a good spot because burglars are unlikely to find your stash unless they're searching with metal detectors and shovels. If you're worried about metal detectors finding metal containers, just bury your money a bit deeper in plastic bags instead.

    One thing to keep in mind with this method is to maintain track of where you keep your money; otherwise, you'll end up digging through a mountain of muck looking for your cash and valuables.


    9) Loose Floorboards


    Wooden floors that are scratched

    Credit: blackred/ Getty Images


    This method might seem a bit cliché since it's often seen in movies and TV shows. But, if you take some basic precautions, your money will be safe.

    If you live in an old house with noisy and loose floorboards, consider using one as a hiding spot for your cash. You can lift a floorboard and stash your money underneath, then cover it with a carpet to keep it hidden. Just make sure to choose a spot that isn't in a high-traffic area, or your secret hiding place might be discovered quickly.


    10) Kennel


    A dog sitting in his kennel outside

    Credit: iStock


    You can also hide cash in your pet's kennel. Just tape an envelope with money to the top inside of the kennel. Don't try this with your rodent's cage. They might chew on the envelope, which could lead to your money being found and possibly make your pet sick.


    11) Cat Litter


    A cat sitting in their blue litter box

    Credit: Getty Images


    Some of the best hiding spots are ordinary household items like toilet paper, tennis ball, and even cat litter. Thieves often overlook these seemingly insignificant items during their searches. So, burying your money in a tub of cat litter can be a great way to keep it safe.

    Simply put your money in a small container and bury it in the kitty litter. But remember, only do this if you have a cat, or else the cat litter will stand out and look suspicious.


    12) Tampon or Pad Box


    A green patterned box holding some pads and tampons

    Credit: Shutterstock


    This is such a great place to hide valuables. Thieves often overlook personal hygiene products because they don't seem worth their time. So, hiding your valuables in a box or packet of these items is a clever move. Just make sure to keep the box or packet in a designated spot to avoid accidentally throwing it out.

    Of course, if you don't live with any women, it's best not to use this method. Having a box of women's personal hygiene products in your home might seem strange to a burglar, and they might decide to rummage through it if they find it.


    13) Garage Door Opener


    The garage door opener bolted on the roof

    Credit: The Spruce

    You can hide important documents and cash in a secret compartment stash box behind your garage door opener. This is a tough spot for anyone to find.


    14) Curtain Rods


    Golden curtain railings with cream colored curtains

    Credit: leezsnow/ Getty Images


    Here's a simple and clever trick you can use in your home. If your curtain rods have removable ends, just take them off, roll up your money, and slide it into the end before putting the cap back on.


    FAQ Section


    Q: Is it safe to hide money at home?

    Hiding money at home can be safe if done correctly. It's essential to choose hiding spots that are discreet and unlikely to be discovered by burglars or nosy visitors.


    Q: Why would I want to hide money at home instead of using a bank?

    Some people prefer to keep a portion of their cash at home for easy access in emergencies or for privacy reasons.


    Q: What should I do if I suspect someone has discovered my hiding spot?

    If you suspect your hiding spot has been compromised, it's best to relocate your money to a new location immediately. Also, consider improving security measures to prevent future breaches.




    There you have it! The top 14 ways to hide money at home. Hiding money in your home can be difficult at times. And if you reside in a high-risk neighborhood where burglaries are common, you'll need to have some great secret hiding places for storing cash and other valuables. With these clever hiding spots, you can ensure that your valuables stay safe and secure.

    Looking for an extra layer of security? Consider investing in a diversion safe from Travah. With Travah's diversion safes, you can discreetly hide your cash and other valuables in plain sight, giving you added peace of mind. Shop with us today.