The 10 Best Dorm Room Safes


    College opens students to a whole new universe of experiences and chances. While living in a dorm is a terrific way to meet new people, it can also be a dangerous place for your personal items. The greatest way to be stress-free and safe in your dorm room is to have a dorm room safe!

    Purchasing a safe is a very personal decision, and you should carefully consider all of the characteristics of a safe before getting one since it will be a place where you will keep your valuables such as cash, jewelry, laptops, and so on. We've compiled a list of the top dorm room safes available.


    Dorm Room Safes You Need to Buy


    1)  Travah Diversion Safe

    The Travah diversion bottle safe in black, silver and blue


    Typical safes might stand out like a sore thumb, raising suspicions that something valuable is kept inside. Introducing diversion safes: the most effective way to conceal your valuables in plain sight while avoiding suspicion.

    The Travah diversion bottle safe has ample space to store valuables safely. It is appropriate for travel, outdoor activities, and the gym. Its compact and seamless feature enables it to effortlessly fit into tight spaces. Furthermore, it will blend in perfectly with your dorm room. It can also be used as a regular water bottle in addition to being a diversion safe. It will go unnoticed by most people. Of course, it won't fit anything large inside, but it's ideal for storing jewelry or flash drives.


    2)  V5.0 Stealth College Dorm Safe


    The Stealth safe made of solid steel and comes with a digital lock


    This safe is made of solid steel of the highest grade and comes with a digital lock. The safe has been created with dorm rooms in mind. It fits excellently in locations where space is limited, as it is currently the only safe with a vertical design. Feel free to place it next to your computer's processor or put it in your closet.

    To give you an idea of the size, an 18-inch laptop can easily fit within. It includes three racks with a rubber bottom for storing smaller items like a wallet or wristwatch.


    3)  Vaultz Locking Storage Box


    The Vaultz Locking storage box that comes with a combination lock


    This safe can hold a laptop as well as a variety of other small goods (passport, camera, etc.). Since the safe comes with a combination lock, there is no need for a key. Another advantageous feature of this safe is that it includes a security cable. You can attach the safe to your bed, table, or any other heavy object with the cord to keep it safe from harm.

    To keep your items safe and scratch-free, the inside is lined with a soft cloth. There's also a netted pocket for organization and storage.


    4)  VE10 VAULTEK


    The VAULTEK VE10 is extremely thin and light and can be carried in a handbag


    The VAULTEK VE10 is extremely thin and light. It only weighs 7.2 pounds despite having an 18-gauge carbon steel shell. This safe can even be carried in a handbag! If you're looking for something small and affordable, this safe is a great choice.

    The VAULTEK VE10 has an electronic lock that allows legitimate owners easy access. The keypad lock has over 30,000 combinations, ensuring that a nosy roommate or a street robber will never guess your code. A rechargeable lithium battery powers the lock. The power will last for 3 months if used regularly, and you can recharge it with a micro USB cord.


    5)  Lock and Roll Portable Safe by ECR4Kids


    A silver safe that looks like a flat car and has wheels for moving around easily


    Because of its low profile, this lock and roll portable safe is ideal for dorm rooms. At the same time, it provides you with the necessary security to safeguard your belongings. It has four wheels, so it can simply be rolled under the bed and hidden.

    The best thing is that it includes a hook and a 70-inch steel rope. With that cord, you can rest assured that no one will take your safe and open it somewhere else. Of course, a strong bolt cutter can cut the cable, but it should deter the great majority of would-be burglars.

    The only slight disadvantage is that you'll have to use a security key to close the safe. However, if you have your keys close by at all times, you should be alright.


    6)  Safe by Go Vault


    A white Go Vault safe that is portable and can be transported.  It has a combination lock on the side


    Not everyone requires a high-priced safe. The Go Vault College Dorm Room Safe is ideal if you're looking for something portable and inexpensive. This safe can be simply transported in a shoulder bag or rucksack. It is best suited for travelers.

    It can hold items such as travel documents, phones, and jewelry. You may secure the safe on any piece of furniture with the help of the chain that it comes with. The chain is encased in plastic. As a result, no furniture will be harmed. 

    You can store it in a wardrobe or hang it on a coat stand even when staying in a hotel. It's even possible to stow it away in a drawer. The good news is that it has a combination lock, which eliminates the need for keys.


    7)  AmazonBasics Safe

    An AmazonBasics Security Safe in black with a silver keypad on the front

    One of the greatest security safes for everybody is AmazonBasics Security Safe. The safe's size makes it more appropriate for college students. It is small enough to fit in a wardrobe, beneath the bed, or under the desk. If required, it can be fixed to a shelf or the floor. It makes use of digital access that may be reprogrammed.

    The construction quality is exceptional. It is constructed of solid pry-resistant steel. It is corrosion-free and can endure any type of impact. The safe's interior is lined with a soft layer to protect your valuables from impact and scratches. The safe's main feature is its lock. A unique password is required to open the two-bolt lock.


    8)  Fire-Safe SentrySafe SFW123GDC


    A silver gray SentrySafe Safe that is heavy and is bolted into a wall


    The SentrySafe Safe is made of all-steel construction and features dual protection in the form of a key lock and a combination lock. When these two factors are combined, your stuff will be secure to the next level. You can hide the spare key or offer it to a trusted individual for shared access.

    The exterior of this model is the focal point. Due to its weight, which multiplies once the safe is dead-bolted, no matter how much someone tries to pry it open, this will not budge. The deadbolts are roughly 60% bigger than typical safe deadbolts, and the door has no weak points. This safe is guaranteed to keep your valuables safe.


    9)  5900D Portable Safe by Master Lock


    An open Master Lock portable safe showing how things can be placed inside with a pin combination lock


    The Master Lock portable safe is your best choice if you're looking for a compact, transportable lockbox. You won't be able to squeeze larger items but your other valuables will fit well. With the accompanying 20-inch cable, this portable safe may be securely fastened to a stationary object. To lock this safe, you can construct your unique four-digit combination.

    This compact dorm safe is made of shock-absorbing foam and is water-resistant to keep your belongings secure and dry.


    10)  Digital Portable Lockbox by Barska


    A black Digital Portable Lockbox that has a silver lock combination on the front


    This is a low-cost security box with a large area. It's big enough for a 17-inch laptop as well. It also offers some extra storage space for other items and comes with a protecting line. This is critical since, as a college student, you will be using the safe daily to keep your laptop. You want to make sure your electrical equipment lasts for months or even years. This safe also includes a steel metal cable that may be used to secure the lockbox to your bed.




    Personal belongings are often misplaced on college campuses. It's more than likely that they'll be taken if you don't keep them out of sight and out of reach.

    Purchase a safe box, but exercise caution when interacting with other classmates in the dormitory. Never give your keys to anyone, always lock the door when you leave, and consider investing in low-cost security systems like surveillance cameras or door alarms.

    The best college dorm safe according to us is the Travah Diversion safe. This safe box is ideal for college dorms to keep prying eyes away from your personal belongings.