Diversion Into New Territory

    Let's face it  the "new normal" is always changing, but then again so are we! Whether we are planning a day in the sun, friends celebration or family get together, it seems there is always a few more things to plan for the next time around.

    The point is, no matter how in depth the organization demands,we can all agree it's worth it. Finding time to enjoy time with friends, family & co-workers is what we have come to enjoy in the spring.

    If the definition of "valuables" has also changed in your vocabulary, the fact that they need a safe space and to be close by your side, hasn't. Staying hydrated with a diversion bottle can come in handy if you are also looking for a space to keep your keys, cards, hand sanitizer or jewelry. 

    We are wishing everyone a safe and memorable spring! Stay updated with our newsletter if you are interested in more regular updates and discounts.