The 6 Best Secret Stash Containers That Thieves Will Never Discover


    Are you looking for the best secret stash containers? Before you make a purchase, make sure that you do your research. If you don't know where to start, we've got you covered. We've spared you the hassle of having to sift through countless reviews to locate the best secret stash cans. Below, we've made a list of the top 6 secret stash containers. Let's dive right in.


    What Are Secret Stash Containers?

     The Travah selection of diversion safes


    Secret stash containers, also known as diversion safes or hidden safes, are designed to resemble ordinary items but have a hidden compartment where you can stash valuables. They're great because you can hide them right out in the open, and nobody will ever guess they're anything more than what they appear to be. You use them to hide valuables like emergency cash, a spare key, valuable jewelry, spare car keys, and important personal documents.


    The Best Secret Stash Containers



    Below, we've compiled a list of the top 6 hidden stash containers. Each item on the list is unique, has received great reviews, and can keep your valuables safe:


    1)  Travah Hairbrush Stash Container

     The Travah Hairbrush Diversion safe


    Hairbrushes are found in every household, making them perfect for hiding valuables since they don't attract attention. This hairbrush from Travah comes with a compartment at the top of the handle where you can stash your valuables. It's a great spot to hide money, spare keys, and other valuables in plain sight.

    The hairbrush is designed to blend in with your everyday essentials. You can keep it in common places like handbags, bathroom cupboards, or drawers. A burglar wouldn't even think to check a brush for valuables. It's especially handy for trips or situations where you need to leave your suitcase unattended.


    2)  Travah Water Bottle Stash Container

     The Travah water bottle diversion safe in silver


    If you're always on the move, this water bottle diversion safe is just what you need. It's a clever safe that crooks or nosy house cleaners are unlikely to notice. It's a great stash spot for stashing valuables like pen drives, spare notes, and other smaller items. The bottom of the bottle can be easily unscrewed to reveal a secret compartment for your items. Plus, it's practical because you can actually use it as a water bottle!


    3)  Travah Hanger Diversion Safe

     The diversion hanger safe


    This unique diversion safe from Travah is cleverly designed to blend in with your clothes in the closet. It's perfect for people who want to keep their personal items hidden from hotel staff and cleaners. With its 16.5-inch wide zipper opening and flexible material, it offers plenty of storage space.


    4)  Safe Stash WD-40 Stash Container

     WD-40 stash container


    To use this WD-40 stash container, simply twist the bottom lead-off to make room for whatever you want to store and conceal. This stash container is perfect for keeping things like watches, cash, spare keys, and more. Burglars tend to search common spots like jewelry boxes and drawers, but they won't even consider looking in this stash can. It's a sneaky way to keep your belongings safe!


    5)  Miliamp Picture Frame Stash Container

     A white picture frame diversion safe


    This picture frame decoy safe is perfect for family homes. No one would even think to check for valuables inside picture frames while snooping around, especially if they're just photos of your family members. This Miliamp stash container is spacious and will discreetly blend into its surroundings.


    6)  Jssmt Hard Back Book Secret Stash Container

     Jssmst Diversion Book Safe with Combination Lock, Faux Book Box Hidden


    This fake book diversion safe looks exactly like a real book but has a concealed compartment among its pages. With a selection of covers to choose from, you can pick the one that best complements your bookshelves. Even if a thief goes through all your books, they won't find your hidden stash without a key or combination lock.


    Factors To Look For When Shopping for a Secret Stash Container


    If you're on the hunt for the ultimate diversion safe, here are a few things to keep in mind:



    1) Check the Quality of the Product

     A wooden and steel stamp with blue ink showing high quality

    Credit: Envato Elements/ Olivier_Le_Moal


    One big downside of many diversion safes is that they're often made cheaply. These secret storage containers are supposed to blend in seamlessly, but if yours looks cheaply made, it might stand out and make people suspicious. Since you're likely going to hide some valuables in there, it's worth splurging on a high-quality one.


    2) Make Sure That The Product Is Functional 

     A lady brushing her hair with the Travah Diversion brush


    When buying a stash container, it's essential to make sure it appears to be a genuine, practical object. For instance, if you choose to buy a hairbrush stash container, make sure the hairbrush actually works. People are less likely to be drawn to an object if they think it is real.


    3) Make Sure It's Easily Accessible

     Some cans that are empty that are being used as diversion safes

    Credit: Instructables


    This is a crucial point to consider. If you can't access your valuables when you need them, the diversion safe isn't doing its job properly. Secret stash containers are meant to make sure your valuables are always within reach.



    4) Check the Capacity

     The Travah Diversion hanger safe


    Capacity is a key element to take into account when purchasing a secret stash container. You should think about the items you want to store. If the items are large or contain crucial documents, you can choose a large diversion safe. For smaller items like jewelry, flash drives, or spare notes, you can pick a smaller diversion safe.


    5) Go for Simple Products

     A person wearing a denim jacket and holding his Travah water bottle diversion safe


    Make sure to pick a simple diversion safe. Remember, the main goal of a hidden safe is to keep things out of sight. To pull off the disguise, the safe has to resemble a regular, everyday item.




    Are these containers safe for storing sensitive items like documents or electronic devices?

    Absolutely. However, you should consider the container's design and material. For electronic devices, make sure the container is dry and free from damage risks. For documents, a container that prevents folding or creasing might be preferable.


    How do I choose the right size container for my needs?

    Check the items you plan to store in the container. For smaller items like jewelry or cash, a smaller container might suffice. If you're looking to hide documents or larger valuables, opt for a larger diversion safe.


    Can these stash containers withstand extreme conditions like fire or water damage?

    Most diversion safes are not designed to withstand extreme conditions. If you're concerned about protecting valuables from fire or water damage, consider investing in a safe specifically designed for such protection.




    Using a diversion safe is a great way to keep your valuables hidden and protected. They come in a range of sizes and forms, so you can pick the one that best suits your requirements. They can be used to safely store valuables such as cash, jewelry, dry herbs, passports, and other items. If you're looking for the perfect diversion safe, check out Travah. With a range of diversion safes to choose from, your valuables are guaranteed to stay safe. Shop with us today.