The Best Portable Safe (for Travelling)

    Traveling can be an adventure, but it's wise to stay prepared for any surprises along the way. One smart move? Bringing along a portable safe. These handy gadgets are perfect for keeping your valuables like cash, jewelry, USB drives, and keys secure while you're on the move. In this blog, we're going to explore some of the best portable safes for travel.

    What's a Portable Safe?


    woman opening up a safe in closet
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    Portable safes are small, lightweight boxes created to safeguard your valuable possessions. They're available in different sizes and can hold items like cash, jewelry, important documents, or electronic devices. What makes them great is how easy they are to carry, which is why they're called "portable." Many of them include features such as combination locks or keypads, and some are even made to resist water or fire.

    Things to Look Out for When Buying a Portable Safe


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    When you're picking out a portable safe, there are a few key things to keep an eye on. Here's a simple guide to help you choose the right one:

    • Size: Think about what you'll be storing in the safe. If you're just keeping a few small items like cash or jewelry, a smaller safe will do. But for larger items like tablets or cameras, you'll need a bigger one.
    • Type of Lock: The type of lock is important. A combination lock is great if you're not keen on carrying extra keys, while a key lock might suit you better if you prefer a physical key. Some high-tech options even offer biometric key access, like fingerprint scanners.
    • Check for Durability: Durability is key. You want a safe that's tough enough to withstand knocks and bumps. Also, consider if you need it to be water-resistant or fireproof – especially important if you're an adventure traveler.
    • Look for Portability: It's a portable safe, after all. Make sure it's light enough to carry without hassle but still sturdy. Some safes come with straps or handles, making them easier to tote around.
    • Price Point: Last but not least, consider your budget. Portable safes come in a range of prices, so you'll likely find one that fits your needs without breaking the bank.

    The Best Portable Safes of 2024

    Let's dive into some of the best portable safes of 2024 that are perfect for keeping your valuables secure while on the move:

    1)Travah Diversion Safe


    Travah bottle diversion safe


    At first glance, and even at a closer look, the Travah diversion bottle looks and functions like a regular bottle with a steel construction. But it has a secret compartment at the bottom that unscrews which is perfect for storing your valuables. Besides being a nifty hiding spot, it's a functional bottle too, with vacuum double-walled insulation keeping drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24. Plus, it comes with a carabiner and a smell-proof bag, making it a traveler's delight.

    2)Amazon Basics Portable Security Case


    Amazon basics portable safe with cord

    Amazon has designed a simple yet effective portable safe. It's perfect for smaller items like cash, jewelry, or important documents. Designed from anti-pry steel and lined with foam padding, your belongings are well-protected. Its compact size makes it easy to transport and hide. For security, it features a zinc alloy combination lock and is even suitable for storing firearms.

    3)Master Lock Portable Security Safe


    Master Lock Portable Security Safe


    This safe is ideal for travelers, whether you're at a coffee shop, on campus, or in a hotel room. The Master Lock Box comes with an electronic lock, allowing you to set a custom 4-digit code. It's spacious enough to keep your passports, USB drives, cell phones, car keys, cash, cards, and other valuables safe. A standout feature is its tethering cable, letting you secure the safe to a fixed object. It's designed for portability with a water-resistant exterior and shock-absorbing foam interior. Plus, it has an earbud/charging cable access port for added convenience.

    4)Travah Hair Brush Diversion Safe

    Travah bottle diversion safe


    The Travah Hair Brush Diversion Safe is the ultimate in discretion, perfectly disguised as an everyday hairbrush. You can store small items like USB drives, spare change, or jewelry in it. Since it's so unassuming, you can place it anywhere - in a drawer, your bag, or your suitcase. And yes, it works as a real hairbrush too!

    5)Jolitac Pistol Gun Compact Safe Box


    Jolitac Gun portable safe

    For those looking for a high-tech option, the Jolitac Pistol Gun Safe Box is a top choice. It offers three modes of entry: a coded keypad, a keyhole, and a quick-access sensor. Despite its advanced features, it's compact and easy to carry, with a stable handle. Inside, you'll find padded foam for complete protection, while the exterior is durable and secure. It comes with batteries, two sensor keys, regular keys, and a steel tethering cable to anchor the safe for extra security.


    A portable safe is an essential travel companion for safeguarding your valuables on the road. By considering key features and selecting from our top picks, you can ensure your belongings stay secure during your adventures. Don't leave home without this valuable tool to enhance your peace of mind and enjoy your travels worry-free.

    And, if you're looking for a top-notch portable safe, consider the Travah Diversion Safe - your ultimate travel safeguard to protect valuables for portable travel!