Diversion Safes for Home

    Diversion safes are disguised containers that look like regular household objects but have secret compartments that you can open up and store your valuables inside. They come as different types come in various forms, from book-shaped to can-like or even brush designs. In this guide, we’ll show you the best diversion safes to keep your valuables safe and hidden right at home. In this guide, we'll dive into the best diversion safes you can use for your home.

    Why Are Diversion Safes a Good Option for Home Storage?


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    Statistics indicate that burglars typically spend less than 10 minutes in a home and are unlikely to rummage through items that appear mundane, like a soda can or a dictionary. Since diversion safes look just like ordinary household items, they rarely attract attention

    Also, these safes are affordable. Compared to traditional safes, they often come at a lower cost and require no installation, making them accessible for most budgets. They also come in various shapes and sizes.

    Lastly, these safes are simple to use. There's no need to remember complex codes or maintain keys. You just need to know where you've placed your disguised safe. This ease of use, combined with their stealthiness, makes diversion safes a smart, low-tech solution for protecting your valuables from prying eyes.

    Types of Diversion Safes


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    There are several types of diversion safes that you can use at your home:

    1) Book Safes

    These are designed to look exactly like books and can easily blend in on your bookshelf. Inside, there's a cut-out compartment to store anything from cash to jewelry. The "book" usually has real paper edges and looks just like any other book.

    2) Can Safes

    Can safes are often modeled after popular food and drink containers. They're perfect for hiding valuables in the kitchen or pantry. They come in various designs, like a soda can or a vegetable can. The bottom typically unscrews to reveal a storage compartment.

    3) Wall Outlet Safes

    As the name suggests, these are designed to look like ordinary electrical outlets. They're installed into a wall and can easily blend in. They appear to be part of your home's electrical system but feature a removable panel where you can stash valuables.

    4) Personal Care Safes

    These include items like hairbrushes, shaving cream cans, or even bathroom cleaners with hidden compartments. They're perfect for storing small valuables and fit naturally into any bathroom setting.

    5) Clock Safes

    At a glance, these are just regular wall clocks, but behind the face, there's space to store items. They blend well in any living area or office.

    How Else Can You Keep Your Valuables Safe at Home?


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    Beyond using diversion safes, there are several effective strategies to improve the security of your valuables at home:

    1) Install a Security System

    A home security system with cameras, alarms, and motion sensors can deter burglars. Modern systems even allow you to watch your cameras right on your phone, so you know what's happening when you're not home. Statistics show that homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be robbed.

    2) Use a Traditional Safe

    For high-value items like important documents, guns, jewelry, or large sums of money, you can use a traditional safe. Make sure to go for fireproof and waterproof options with a combination lock or fingerprint scanners. Also, consider going for one that you can bolt down so a thief cannot take it with them if they can't crack it open at your home.

    3) Secure Windows and Doors

    Make sure your windows have high-quality locks and that they have been upgraded with double or triple-pane glass (these are harder to break). For your doors, install deadbolts. For added protection, you can also use security bars on windows or a security gate on doors.

    4) Neighborhood Watch

    Get involved in a neighborhood watch program to keep your area safe. These programs encourage neighbors to watch out for anything strange and report it to the police. You can also put up neighborhood watch signs to let intruders know that the area is watched closely. According to research, communities with active neighborhood watches see fewer burglaries.

    5) Be Careful of What You Share Online

    Be careful when sharing personal information on social media, especially regarding travel plans or expensive purchases. Thieves typically use social media to identify when homes will be empty or to spot potential high-value items you have. Also, consider adjusting your privacy settings to limit who can see your posts and avoid providing real-time updates about your whereabouts.


    Are diversion safes fireproof and waterproof like traditional safes?

    Most diversion safes are not designed to be fireproof or waterproof. Their primary function is to go unnoticed. For storing items that need protection from fire or water, consider investing in a traditional safe.

    What should I do if my diversion safe is discovered?

    If your diversion safe is discovered, consider relocating it to another spot or using a different type of diversion safe. It’s also a good idea to check the items you’re storing in it—perhaps some should be moved to a more secure location, like a traditional safe.

    Are diversion safes suitable for all types of valuables?

    They're usually ideal for small, valuable items such as jewelry, cash, and important documents. However, they may not be suitable for larger items or items.


    In summary, diversion safes are a smart and affordable way to protect your valuables by cleverly disguising them as everyday household items. Follow the tips in this blog to make the most of diversion safes and keep your valuables safe from potential thieves.

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