The Best Fireproof Document Safes of 2022


    One of the best methods to guarantee that you can keep your priceless items and treasured memories protected is by investing in a fireproof safe. A standard safe can only protect your belongings from theft, so what happens if there is a fire?

    Nobody wants to think of their house catching fire, yet it does happen from time to time. What happens in a circumstance like this? Although it's dreadful to see your house burn down, if you do not have any documents, you'll probably need to do a lot of running around to set things back in order. A fire-resistance safe can safeguard your vital documents from destruction and fire ensuring that you won't have to wait months to get things back to normal. 

    If you're searching for the best fireproof document safe, you're in the right place. Let's get into it.


    The Best Fireproof Safes


    Listed below are some of the best fireproof document safes:


    1)  Travah Diversion Safe Hanger

     A black Travah diversion safe hanger


    Although there are many excellent fireproof safes available, how many of them are diversion safes? This fireproof and water-resistant safe from Travah is perfect to hang in your closet or even bring with you when you travel. Your documents are guaranteed to be safe whether you're inside or outside your home during a crisis. This bag has a high-quality exterior silicone protective layer in addition to a tested fiberglass layer. It can withstand temperatures as high as 1200°F (about 648.9°C).

    It is also great to just grab in times of an emergency. Everyone needs to have an emergency plan, no matter where they live. Having items on hand that can be swiftly grabbed as you sprint out the door is a part of that plan. You can place some cash, emergency contact information, a passport, and other necessities in this safe, which can then be hung in a coat closet with a coat on it. 


    2)  Honeywell Fire Resistant and Waterproof Safe 1114

     A Honeywell Fire resistant and waterproof safe


    This Fireproof and Waterproof safe 1114 from Honeywell will protect all of your documents. The safe can withstand fires up to 1,700° F for an hour, and it can be immersed completely for up to 100 hours at a depth of 39 inches without any damage to the contents.

    It can accommodate sheets of paper that are both letter and legal sizes without needing to be folded. The 1114 is considerably bigger, has more storage space, and is heavier than other safes of comparable capacity due to the additional protection; it weighs 42 pounds and occupies the same amount of floor area as a mini-fridge.


    3)  Travah Fireproof Bag

     A Travah fireproof bag


    If you need a small document safe that has a good fireproof rating to store a few important documents or priceless items, this product is your best choice. This is yet another safe from Travah. The safe uses multi-layered fiberglass to protect your belongings even in extremely hot temperatures. Because it is silicon-coated, it is trustworthy and water-resistant. An additional layer of security is provided by a zipper that extends the entire length of the bag and is enclosed by an overlay-connected flap with sealing velcro.

    Heavy safes are difficult to carry in the case of an emergency. This is not the case with Travah's Fireproof Bag. It measures 15×11× 4 and can hold items, including legal-size documents, laptops, passports, folders, and cash. The end-to-end running zipper is designed to make it easier for you to reach your stuff without difficulty. Simply place it under your clothes or in a safe location to ensure that it is away from prying eyes.


    4)  Burglary and Fireproof Safe Box by Gardall Safe Corporation

     The Burglary and Fireproof Safe Box from Gardall


    The Burglary and Fireproof Safe Box from Gardall (available in 3 sizes) is the ideal fireproof safe if you're willing to spend a little extra.

    The Gardall safe offers more than just fire safety. It also safeguards you against theft. You can be sure that your valuables won't end up in the wrong hands due to the excellent locking mechanism. You can choose between a combination lock and a digital keypad. 


    5)  First Alert 2087F-BD

     A First Alert safe that can be fastened onto the floor


    This safe from First Alert is on our list thanks to a number of features. It's manufactured with the company's Ready-Seal technology, which securely fastens it to the floor, and is also fireproof and waterproof. It also has four-door bolts and a pry-resistant hinge bar as well as a five-year limited warranty, among other anti-theft measures.

    The safe's weight is its one and only flaw. With a weight of more than 80 pounds, you'll probably need assistance bringing it into your house.


    6)  Modrine Security Safe Deposit Box

     A Modrine security safe deposit box with electronic keypad


    If you want superior fire protection, you need something that can withstand extremely high temperatures. The materials used to construct this safe from Modrine are strong and will last for a very long time. Additionally, it features two security levels for the highest level of security.

    You can generate a 3- to 8-digit password using the keypad lock, which must be entered in order to open the safe box. After that, you must utilize the keys to eventually unlock the door, and don't worry it comes with backup keys. Given that the material is composed of steel, it will easily prevent the flames from easily destroying your documents and other important items.




    Each of these products has a number of benefits. Your perfect safe is ultimately determined by what you want to protect and the type of safe you are interested in. The safe that works for you may not work for someone else.

    In terms of convenience and safety, we believe the Travah Document Safe is a wise investment. It is water and fire-resistant, lightweight, portable, and will keep your valuables secure. What more could one ask for?