Brand Ambassador

    What is a brand ambassador? 

    For us, it's family, it's a lifetime relationship with someone that benefits both parties. It's someone with initiative and creativity that cares about the growth of the brand!

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    What we offer our brand ambassadors.

    When you are approved you receive all of our products free of charge!

    When we release new products you will receive them for free as well!

    We will send you a link to our store and we transfer you 10% of any purchases made through your link!

    We will pay you a referral fee for other ambassadors.

    20% discount for your friends and family.

    What we really want is a lifetime relationship so as time passes we will create more value for you.

    What we ask for.

    We are looking for someone driven that will help grow our brand. Someone who understands marketing and creates quality content.

    We want you to create posts with our products and use our hashtags across all of your platforms.

    When we launch new products, after you receive them we would ask that you create a special new product post, announcing the launch.

    Word of mouth - spreading the word, outside of social media.

    We also ask for rights to use the content you create using our product.

    In short, we are looking for someone that will do the above tasks without being told when, where, and how. We want someone that is constantly looking for the opportunity to make more sales!

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    Is there a specific amount of posts I need to do?

    Nope, but if you aren't posting a minimum of once a month then we take that as a sign that you aren't interested anymore.

    Can I stop whenever I want?

    We ask for a minimum commitment of  3 months. We want you to give us a chance!

    How do you transfer me the money?

    Preferably Paypal but we can do a bank transfer if that doesn't work for you.

    How does the referral fee work?

    If you bring a friend into the #travahfam you get $30. It's that simple!

    What does it mean "rights to content"?

    It just means that we can post your video/picture on our social channels or website.

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